Alaska Glacier Wedding Packages

Imagine flightseeing Alaska and landing from your helicopter ride at your special anniversary event: elevations of 1,800 to 3,500 feet, with glaciers (ice) up to 2,500 feet below your feet, mountains rising more than a mile above you in the background, and the feeling that you are in such a secluded paradise. Sounds picture perfect, doesn’t it?

Boasting almost 2 million visitors in 2017, Alaska has seen tourism rates increase by more than 25% since the 2010 recession, bringing people from all walks of life looking for Alaska glacier wedding packages, a special anniversary trip, or just a walk into one of the most pristine places to experience nature. Throughout Alaska, visitors spend more than $3.2 billion, and tourism has created 43,000 jobs (an increase of 3,600 jobs since 2015), bringing about an economical boost that the area needed after the recession a decade ago. From nature tours to tours by dogsled, helicopter tours, Alaska glacier wedding packages, anniversary cruises, and more, Alaska is the destination to experience the natural seclusion but bliss you are looking for in your next trip.

A hint of the wonder that awaits you in Alaska’s natural paradise:

– There are more than 70 potentially active volcanoes in Alaska.
– Seventeen of the 20 highest peaks in the U.S. are located in Alaska.
– It is estimated that 100,000 black bears live in Alaska.
– More than 900,000 caribou roam in 32 herds across Alaska’s vast tundra landscapes.
– Our national bird is abundant in Alaska with approximately 30,000 birds residing in the state, more than any other place in the United States.

Beyond creating an Alaska glacier wedding package, anniversary trip, or vacation cruise with loved ones, the connection with nature is essential in all the experiences created here. Imagine walking along the remote and private Herbert Glacier, flying over the Aleutian Islands, or viewing the mountain ranges of Denali National Park from the skyline in Anchorage.

From summer dogsled tours, glacier landing tours, and bicycle tours to four-wheeling, fishing, flightseeing, and glacier wildlife cruises, planning a memorable trip to flightseeing Anchorage could become of the the most cherished memories for you and your loved ones.

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