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We live in an increasingly well connected and fast paced world. This is undoubtedly a good thing but it comes with certain drawbacks that need to be addressed. As we get deeper into this new century and we see all the huge problems we are going to have to face, we all need to learn to take a second and appreciate the little things. This can seem trivial or unimportant, especially to those of us here in the United States. After all, in this country, we are encouraged to work and work and work until we drop. That’s productivity, after all, we say, and there’s nothing better than that. Thats’ just the way it is. But, in reality, that’s not all there is. Not at all. We need to be willing to see that and act on it. We need to be ready to care for ourselves, even when everything else in culture is telling us that we need to be faster, stronger and working all the time. But how do we do this? What are some of the best methods to care for yourself in this way? After all, there are so many tips out there on how to be more productive and how long you should work. Why isn’t there more research and study into how you should relax?

    Starting with the obvious
    To better understand how to enter into this self care and this more positive pattern of behavior, we need to spin a little story or narrative. We need to look at something so trivial and random as vacation houses for rent. Now, you might look at this issue and ask yourself what vacation houses for rent have to do with any of this. That’s fair enough. What do vacations, or wedding rentals or condo rentals have to do with any of this? Let’s start by building a couple. His name is Gary and her name is Colleen. Now, Gary and Colleen live in a studio apartment in Baltimore. It’s a nice place and they’re comfortable enough, both at thirty one. Gary is an art school teacher and Colleen works part time at a department store and also selling produce at the local farmers market. It’s not a perfect life but they get along. They do alright for themselves. They don’t have any property management fees and they don’t plan on getting married so they don’t need to worry about wedding plans. But life is hard, as it is hard for everyone, and, like all of us, they have to deal with their fair share of stress. It’s not fun but there it is. They are acutely aware of this, too, and want to learn to better at learning to manage their professional and personal lives so as not to stress them out too much. But how do they do this?
    How to find the right kind of balance
    There are lots of way to do this and, yes, I promise those vacation houses for rent will enter back into this, but first we need to look at the idea of balance. We need to understand how balance affects the body and the mind in equal measure. It’s not too difficult an idea but it does go deeper than you might think. It absolutely does affect a lot more than you might think. For instance, too much on the mind, too many thoughts, too many ideas, can affect sleeping patterns which have a direct effect on the health of the body. Even in the twenty first century, we have this big weird overwhelming idea that the body and mind are somehow separate which couldn’t be farther from the truth. They are related in the most fundamental way. They are tied together. They are completely inseparable. Caring for one means caring for another. So vacation houses for rent aren’t just vacation houses for rent. Vacations are a way to recharge the brain. As long as you can afford them. There are so many little ways to celebrate yourself and your body and mind every day. Don’t neglect them and keep your mind fresh to keep your body fresh. It goes the other way around too.

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