How Should I Wear My Snorkeling Mask? Why You Should Sign Up For Scuba Diving Lessons

The ocean is one of the world’s greatest mysteries. Why not explore it next time you’re out in the sun?

The classic American vacation extends well beyond an old-fashioned campsite. If there’s anything the average family loves more than open campfires, it’s the feel of the water on their skin. Snorkeling and diving is how you expand your possibilities, giving you a front-row seat to the most beautiful elements the globe has to offer. Finding the right gear and learning how to do things properly are your first steps toward your next great summer. A snorkeling professional will walk you and your family through the process.

Before you hit up Panama City snorkeling, look below to learn about the benefits of basic scuba diving lessons…as well as a few things you may not know about the ocean!

Did You Know?

The world is covered mostly in water: 70% of the world, in fact! Such a massive amount is home to several secrets that are still being discovered by biologists to this day. Below a depth of 10 meters, divers are unable to see the colors red and yellow. Scientists have determined the ocean’s average depth is 12,100 feet, much of which is difficult to explore due to the extreme amount of pressure. Dark ocean between depths of 1,000 and 5,000 meters has been dubbed the ‘abyssal zone’.

How The Ocean Impacts Us Everyday

That’s not all you should know about the ocean. Believe it or not, around 50% of the oxygen we breathe is actually produced byt he sea! The deepest point on Earth is in the Marianas Trench in the Pacific Ocean, reaching an astonishing depth of 11 kilometers. Without the ocean much of the world’s diversity and food would be lost to us. The snorkeling mask you buy isn’t just a way to have fun, but to truly appreciate the world you live in.

The Development Of Scuba Diving Over The Years

Who came up with scuba diving, anyway? First off, the word SCUBA is actually an acronym that stands for ‘self-contained underwater breathing apparatus’. It’s also not a new pasttime, with diving having been found in several old human societies as a way to explore and hunt. You can find this in spearfishing, a still-active method of hunting fish you can learn alongside diving. According to recent studies, there are between two and three million scuba divers around the world.

Basic Knowledge About Your Snorkeling Mask

Whether you’re snorkeling for the first time or it’s been a few years, it helps to know what to expect. Wearing a flat scuba mask makes objects appear 35% bigger and 25% closer while you’re underwater. Keep this in mind so you’re not accidentally bumping into things while swimming! Your mask should also fit snugly, without gripping your face too tight or slipping off. The goal is to be comfortable and safe, both of which will be taught by your scuba diving Panama City Beach lessons.

The Importance Of Attending Scuba Diving Lessons

You may be tempted to skip the scuba diving lessons and go straight for the best snorkels. The ocean is a big place, however, and a lack of knowledge doesn’t do you any favors. Signing up for snorkeling and spearfishing lessons will set up a strong foundation to take with you underwater. This means learning how to use your equipment, spotting any equipment failure, and making sure you don’t push your limits too far. You can also learn the best ways of diving and how to identify certain sea creatures to avoid!

The ocean is filled with fascinating treasures. See them up close with a snorkeling mask and a scuba diving certification at Panama City Beach.

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