Mother Nature Is A Great Detox From Your Tiring Workweek

Nature is all around you. Unfortunately, it can feel like it’s a million miles away when you’re in the thick of work.

When it’s time to take your next great vacation, consider going somewhere with lots of fresh air. A place that’s teeming with natural life and beautiful sights that take your breath away. Some enjoyable dog sled tours or a helicopter sightseeing tour wouldn’t hurt, either. Can’t think of anywhere that has a little bit of everything in one package? Look no further than Alaska, the Last Frontier and today’s ultimate vacation spot.

Anchorage helicopter glacier tours. Dogsledding. Fishing. There’s nothing you won’t be able to do once you get your ticket!

Caribou, Bears, Birds, Oh My! Enjoy The Wildlife With Sightseeing Tours

Are you a fan of wildlife? Embrace your photography skills and see all sorts of interesting animals with the aid of Anchorage helicopter glacier tours. To date, more than 900,000 caribou roam across Alaska’s vast tundra landscapes. They live alongside over 100,000 black bears and dozens of different bird species. The national bird, the willow ptarmigan, is thriving in the Last Frontier and is faring better than most other states.

Got Mountains? There Are Peaks And Volcanoes As Far As The Eye Can See

It’s not just glimpsing caribou herds you can look forward to. There are several untouched vistas that are just begging to be put in your Instagram photo album. Seventeen of the 20 highest peaks in the United States are located in Alaska, such as Mount Foraker and Mount Saint Elias. When you get tired of snowcapped mountains, consider taking a look at the 70 potentially active volcanoes nearby. One way or another, you’ll be left breathless!

Make Your Dollar Travel, Too! Support A Booming Tourism Industry

Want to do your part to stimulate the economy, even while having fun? Anchorage helicopter glacier tours are a great way to feed into the growing tourism business. Throughout Alaska visitors have spent $3 billion, creating 43,000 jobs and getting the state out of a 2010 recession. These jobs range from Anchorage helicopter glacier tours to marketing to new restaurants. No matter what you feel like doing, your dollar will travel.

Want Facts? The Last Frontier’s Development Over The Years

Alaska’s history is just as interesting as its wildlife. Its state flag, believe it or not, was designed by a 13 year-old boy. The state called on students all throughout the territory to submit their ideas, eventually settling on the iconic image of the Big Dipper and the North Star in 1927. To date, Alaska sees tourism rates of two million visitors per year, a number that only gets higher and higher. When it’s not glacier flights capturing people’s imaginations, it’s dog sledding tours and good, old-fashioned weddings.

Fun Ideas For Your Next Vacation, Anniversary Or Birthday

Starting to feel the thrill of adventure? There’s a lot to love when you sign up for Anchorage helicopter glacier tours. Consider taking your significant other on a fun trip throughout the mountains, stopping for the rare photo opportunity or quick video. Go dog sledding and feel the wind on your face as you pass by forests, caribou herds, and lakes. Unwind with a freshly caught salmon dinner or visit one of the nearby bars.

Mother Nature knows what she’s doing. Try a dogsled tour on for size and see how it can change the way you look at things.

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