Next Time You Need to Travel, Consider Taking the Bus

Inside of a charter bus

With all the modes of transportation there are today — car, plane, train, cab, even Uber — buses tend to get overlooked by many as a viable choice. However, there is still a robust demand for travel by bus, whether it is intracity municipal service, state-to-state service or using charter buses for rent.

It may be hard to believe, but bus travel actually has been growing in the U.S. From 2011 to 2012, passenger bus traffic increased 7.5% To get a handle on how big the passenger bus market is, consider that about 750 million people take a bus trip each year. The other interesting thing about bus travel is the makeup of the passengers. You might think that bus travel appeals to older people who like to take touring trips or students who can’t afford to fly. But students and seniors account for just slightly more than half of all trips. The rest come from adults and young adults.

The methods by which people travel by bus are varied. Most cities of any size have a municipal bus system, and in larger cities, it is a major means of travel for a large segment of the population. Another method by which many people travel by bus is interstate carriers such as Greyhound.

Using charter buses for rent is a growing portion of the bus travel market, and it is one of the most varied. There are a number of different reasons why someone might use a charter bus for rent. One of the most common is high schools and universities that use chartered buses to transport students to athletic competitions and other events such as choral and orchestra concerts. Chartering a bus is also common for travel companies that put together tours,such as casino junkets or fall foliage viewing trips. Another common use of chartered buses is by hotels and resorts, which use them to get patrons to and from the property. And, of course, charter buses also are used as party buses to take people to and from events such as parties, concerts, sporting events and weddings.

It’s clear that bus travel is a major means of travel for all ages and demographic groups. Next time you need to travel across town or across the country, consider taking a bus.

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