Party Buses and Winery Tours Get Out of the House, and Stay Warm

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Many Americans are holing up indoors, trying to stay out of the cold — and with good reason. The Guardian reports that freezing temperatures ravaged all 50 U.S. states during the recent polar vortex. An escaped Kentucky prisoner gave himself up for a (relatively) warm bed, and Niagara Falls even temporarily froze.

U.S. residents can, however, get out of the house, and enjoy a safe and relaxing respite without worrying about transportation. Limo and party bus rentals safely transport guests, all at the same time, and without any need for a designated driver. What’s inside a party bus, and what are some fun ways to stay warm?

Step Inside a Party Bus Rental…

From the outside, a limo bus may resemble an airport shuttle or a charter bus. Many compare the inside of a party bus to a moving nightclub. The walls, floors, and roof are lit up with colored, fiber optic lighting. Guests dance the night away on a hardwood dance floor, or relax on elegant leather seats and enjoy a drink from the bar. Interiors also feature flat-screen televisions, DVD players, and high quality surround sound systems. Limo buses accommodating 20 passengers or more often have bathrooms located on board.

Warm Up With Winery and Brewery Tours

Stay warm in the winter weather by enjoying some of your favorite wines and beers. Cheap party bus rentals safely transport guests to and from wineries and breweries, and enthused guests are even able to continue sipping their favorites during transit. That leaves one question, how much is a party bus rental?

Party bus rental costs depend on the number of guests, distance traveled, event dates, event times, and the amenities desired. Most party bus services offer discounted rates from time to time; customers may be able to tour a winery or brewery as part of a special promotion

Get out of the house without braving the cold. Stay warm by inviting guests to enjoy a winery and brewery tour via party bus rental. Visit here for more:

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