Romantic Getaway and Wedding Ideas

Nearly all surveyed American workers agree that taking vacations is important to them, and the United States is home to a vast domestic tourism industry from coast to coast. What does an ideal weekend getaway look like? Families can visit historic areas in New England or tour San Francisco, or the sunny beaches of Florida or Hawaii. Meanwhile, shorter weekend getaways are an ideal time for a romantic weekend trip, and romantic getaways are great for any couple, whether newlyweds or celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. Personal tastes are different, but common weekend getaway ideas for couples are popular for a reason, and a little online research can reveal some creative alternate ideas, too. This is also a great way to find a honeymoon site after booking a wedding venue.

Bachelor/ette Parties

Bachelor parties (called stag parties or bull parties in other parts of the world) are a tradition that goes back to ancient Greece, and many brides-to-be now have bachelorette (or doe) parties of their own. Some parties are bigger than others, but nearly all of them involve traveling somewhere fun. Going to a tourism-friendly city like Miami or Las Vegas is an obvious choice, but if that’s too costly, the party can be held somewhere closer with all the right features. It usually falls to the best man or maid of honor to figure out a good party spot, and it’s a good idea for them to consult the bride or groom about how wild or tame the party should be. Spa resorts are a popular call for bachelorette parties, and many bachelor parties can involve going to a sports game or a bar, or even more R-rated venues. But why not get creative?

A bachelor or bachelorette party can reflect the bride or groom’s own tastes, and some wedding parties actually have a mixed-sex party to keep things simple. Tamer party ideas may include visiting local wineries and taking part in a wine tasting there, or going fishing or hiking to relax in nature (a great way to relieve wedding stress). More exotic and exciting ideas may range from going hunting (be careful), to going kayaking or rock climbing to going go-karting or riding dune buggies or dirt bikes. If the party involves visiting another city or town, it’s a good idea to look up hotels and motels ahead of time and book some rooms, especially for a larger party. Some venues, such as casinos, may have hotels built into them, too, for convenience. And if the party is going camping, they won’t need hotels at all. They just have to find an open camp spot that offers all the utilities they need.

Weddings and Honeymoons

The concept of a honeymoon is also an old one, and brides and grooms tend to research good honeymoon spots in the middle of their wedding planning. These vacations can be short and sweet, such as a simple weekend getaway in the next state over, or may be a two-week tour around the entire world, depending on budget and taste. Looking up and choosing honeymoon spots means compromising on many factors, from the cost and duration of the trip to the level of excitement to the local weather. Some brides and grooms are looking for some wild fun; others would much rather have a quiet and relaxing time after the hard work of planning and attending their wedding. Of course, it’s important to book hotels, which may include paying for extra services and features such as wine bottles, rose petals, a good view, and more. It’s no ordinary trip; a honeymoon is unique and quite romantic.

Finding a good wedding reception venue is a big topic, but suffice it to say, the possibilities are wider than ever. Some venues are indoors, such as a house of worship; others are outdoors, such as at a rustic farm in autumn or a Florida or Hawaii beach. It’s important to arrange for travel for all guests near and far, and book enough hotel rooms for them all, too (the guests should pay for their own rooms). Keep the weather in mind when considering outdoor venues, and be sure to rent a party tent, tables and chairs, and linens as well.

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