The Precise Art of Buying a Custom Aircraft (Part II)

private flights

private flights

In the last post, we touched on wisely approaching the process of buying your own bespoke private aircraft. You’ve got your aviation consultant and you know what your private flights require most of the time. Now that you’ve got a relative handle on the process, let’s talk more specifics.

You’re no newbie here, you’ve been on private chartered flights before and you know which ones have been comfortable and which ones didn’t live up to your expectations. It costs about $106,711 for a Gulfstream charter from New York City to San Francisco for the weekend. If you’re doing that every weekend, it’s reasonable for you to expect a level of comfort and convenience that’s worth every cent. The best private jet experiences are those that you forget you’re even on a flight. Like we said in the previous article, you want an extension of the comfort of your home, in the sky.

Let someone else deal with it
Private flights aren’t without legal and managerial entanglements. You should hire a team of aviation managers and lawyers who can sort the hassles of multinational travel for you. It’s a little more complex than insuring a car, too. Aviation insurance and the rules of the sky, fortunately, can be left to your pilot, lawyers, and managerial squad. All you need to do is show up with your passport and yourself. Think of hiring this team beforehand and you’ll save yourself needless administrative headaches that may leave your new jet grounded for longer than you’d like.

This is the person keeping you zipping around the globe safely, so they’re pretty important. Build and maintain a good relationship with your pilot, because they’re a well of aviation knowledge and are arguably the most well-traveled people on earth. Their advice, recommendations, and experience will be beneficial in crafting your experience outside of the glam you fly yourself around in. Don’t underestimate that.

Go on, have some fun
Sure buying a custom airplane seems like a lot of laws and paperwork, but once you’ve got the thing, the sky is literally the limit. You’ve been in plenty of private flights before, but now you can customize whatever you want. Movie theater? Full dining room? Hot tub with a full bar? How about pearl inlaid latch handles? We could go on, but you get the picture. Now is when you spoil yourself even more.

Get in the air and go on an adventure. We’ve heard that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. For your maiden flight, plan somewhere you’ve never seen. Unplug, relax, and see the world from the comfort of your new home in the sky.

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