3 Great States to Vacation In With Your Family

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Family vacations are perhaps the most fun activity that families can participate it. Though these trips can be quite stressful if you don?t plan well enough, if you?re careful during your planning process, are going with people you like (your family), and go in with an open mind, you?re going to have a blast.

It?s important, however, to identify a few key areas of the country that will be perfect for your upcoming family vacation. Don?t just pick the same spot in the same city that you?ve gone to the last 10 years in a row. It?s time to check out some high quality vacation home rentals in other parts of the country.

Here are a few states to check out for the first time this year with your family and enjoy your stay in amazing vacation home rentals.


Each year, Cali is the number one state for tourism. With approximately 6.3 million visitors each year, vacation rentals in California are usually extremely hot commodities. If you and your family have never been to Cali, start packing and enjoy your trip!


Checking out some luxury vacation rentals in Texas is a great option for
most families, too. There are amazing and huge pieces of land spread across the Lone Star state and your family will have a blast checking them all out.


Though Cleveland isn’t exactly a well-known vacationing destination, this city is certainly on the up and up. Cleveland may have gotten a bad rep over the last few years, but the city’s vibrant night life, amazing culture, and clean atmosphere make for a wonderful destination for family vacationing. Don’t let a few bad opinion piece articles change your mind about this great city. Roll the dice and go on a fun family vacation in Cleveland.

As you and your family peruse the U.S. looking for amazing vacation home rentals, remember that as long as you’re together, you should all have a wonderful time.

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