4 Reasons to Pass on Commercial Business Flights

Private flights

Many business owners are looking for ways to speed up travel time. Commercial flights are known to have a huge set of drawbacks. It’s wise to utilize the many benefits of a private jet charter. Statistics show that business people on commercial flights experienced a 40% drop in productivity. It’s wise for a company owner to ensure business flights are enjoyable. Here are four reasons many business owners are choosing private flights.

  1. Not Dealing With Security Checkpoints

    One of the biggest hassles of commercial flights are the security checkpoints. You don’t want to have you and your employees waiting in long lines all day. It’s especially important to rent a private flight when time is of the essence. Skipping security checkpoints allows you to have more time to take care of business matters.
  2. Faster Flight Times

    Commercial jets cruise at an average height not exceeding 35,000 feet. Traveling with other planes means that commercial flights tend to last a long time. Private jets are able to complete trips faster because their flight levels are above 35,000 feet.
  3. Ability to Land at More Airports

    A major drawback associated with commercial travel is experiencing a delay. Commercial airplanes are only allowed to stop at specific locations. A private jet charter is able to utilize a larger number of airports than commercial flights. It’s beneficial to have larger networks of airports should the need for an emergency stop arise.
  4. Peaceful Environment During Flight

    Commercial flights are filled with all types of passengers. Unfortunately, not all passengers will behave and follow the rules. Many of the people on a commercial flight aren’t there for business purposes. You’ll have to deal with a lot of outside noise during a typical commercial flight. A private jet flight only contains the people you need on the passenger list. Statistics show that the United States makes up for 49.7% of the entire private jet market.

In summary, there are several reasons to utilize a private jet charter. You and your guests won’t have to deal with slow moving lines with a private jet rental. Private jets tend to fly at higher altitudes than commercial airplanes which creates faster flight times. A private jet utilizes a larger network of airports than commercial flights which makes landing fast and easy to accomplish. A private jet charter is a peaceful environment where business can be completed in an efficient manner.

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