3 Things Quality Charter Jet Companies Offer

Aircraft charter services

It used to be traveling First-Class was reserved for the elites of society, but now that has given way to an even more expensive form of air travel. Charter jet companies are businesses that utilize private charter jets to fly high net worth individuals all over the world. The Cessna Citation Excel, also known as the Citation XLS and XLS+, is currently the most popular model of private jet charters in the U.S. used by charter jet companies.

While the majority of the eight million people who fly every day do so on commercial, public airliners, there are many who enjoy the luxury, efficiency, and convenience of charter plane services. Here are three reasons people that can afford to typically go with charter jet companies over standard airfare.

  1. Size Options: The majority of charter jet companies offer at least three different options when it comes to the size of their private jets. Small, medium, and large charter jets can all be used if you’re traveling short distances, but for further travel, like from continent to continent, you might be forced to go with one of the larger options.

    Of course, the other benefits of choosing a larger aircraft is the additional space you’ll have. According to one recent TripAdvisor poll, 30% of Americans agreed that the biggest improvement airlines could make would be more comfortable seating. About 41% said more legroom.
  2. In-Flight Amenities: From in-flight flight attendants, wireless internet connection, food, drinks, and work space availability there’s almost nothing you can’t have in the air that you can get on the ground. The specific options will vary depending on the specific charter jet companies, but for the most part high-end luxury amenities will be a staple.
  3. Flexibility: The flexibility to arrive at the time you want snd the airport closest to you is one of the greatest aspects of private charter jets. Unlike commercial airliners, which can only fly into and out of certain airports, private aircraft’s have access to over 5,000 public use airports. Of course, no baggage, ticket, or bathroom lines are other perks clients prefer.

If you have the means to fly private, these are justa couple of the basic reasons you might think about checking it out.

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