5 Tips for Planning the Best Party Bus Excursion

Limousine companies offer a lot more than fancy stretch limos to go to proms or red carpet events. They provide transportation for people going to the airport, help with corporate and business travel and a wide array of special events like bachelor parties or weddings. In the United States there are about 15,000 licensed sports utility vehicles (SUV) that are used as  limousines and for charters. This number includes both stretch and non-stretch varieties. These businesses employ at least 275,000 people and provide more than 400 million people with transportation. So, if you are looking to rent a charter bus for an outing or to tour the city, you should have no problems finding a good charter bus company to hook you up.

5 Tips for Planning the Best Party Bus Excursion:

  1. Make your reservations as early as you can. If you are planing your party around the same time a lot of other people may be doing the same thing, you should make your reservation as early as you can. These are becoming more and more popular for people who want to have a great time while keeping everyone safe. Prom and wedding seasons may see the charter company fill up and if you want too long the vehicles you want may no longer be available or they may cost a lot more than if you plan your night early.
  2. Plan and chart out your exact itinerary. No matter if you are just going from the wedding venue to the reception or taking the gang to tour the city, you should draft up a map of your preferred route and make sure the driver knows where you are going. If you are taking people to tour the city or doing something similar, you can give this to all of your party so if someone does get lest at one of the stops, they can catch up.
  3. Decide what kind of vehicle you want. How many people do you have going? How long do you expect to be the vehicles? This will play a role in which kind of vehicles you will want to get for the trip. If your party is all going to a location that is farther away, you may want a roomier ride. If you are bringing a group out to tour the city and sightsee, you probably want vehicles with nice windows. Think about what kind of experience you want your guests to have.
  4. Select the right refreshment and entertainment. Is this a boozy kind of time or a more family friendly kind of outing? Ask the company you hire about what kinds of refreshments you can bring with you and/ or if they require you do arrange your catering with them. Plan for music and other entertainment as you think would be appropriate for the kind of outing you want to host.
  5. Get a few quotes and do not forget to tip. When you talk to different charter bus companies, ask about their rates for your trip but also make sure you get the costs for any “extras.” What do they charge if you go over (or under) the time you expect to need? What is the cancellation policy if the weather turns bad or some other calamity causes your plans to change. You are not the only party whose plans are changed at the last minute so the company should have a plan for it. You should  make sure you budget for a tip. Ask the company if they factor that into the rental costs. If not, the average tip for these drivers is between 18 and 20%.

Chartering a bus or limousine can be a great way to move people from points a to b or to have a great party. If you are taking your friends or colleagues to tour the city, this can be a great way to keep everyone together and on schedule. This is especially good when you are in a city you do not know well. Your friends, family and coworkers can have a great time without having to worry about getting from one place to another.

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