4 Things You That You Should Consider in Helicopter Tours

With roughly 12,773 commercial helicopters in 2017, the U.S. boasts of having the highest number of these flying machines. They are the best way to enjoy any Hawaii vacation ideas that you might have in mind. Thanks to helicopter tours in Oahu, enjoying aerial views of favorite holiday destinations is not a farfetched dream. Helicopter tours offer an ideal means of drawing near to key attractions.

Helicopter tours in Oahu offers today come with lots of advantages. Top on the list is that they are the fastest way of enjoying your preferred destination. This is a big plus when you are time-bound given that helicopters are faster than buses. Secondly, helicopters are more convenient as they spare you the pain of traffic issues. What is more, Oahu helicopter tours come with a better intimate experience. This is because helicopters have fewer persons onboard unlike buses and vans. Such an advantage comes in handy for couples craving for some alone time. When scouting for the best Hawaii helicopter tours Oahu has to offer, there are various factors that you need to consider.

1. Experience and Certification

You can never go wrong with experienced Hawaii helicopter tours Oahu has today. Years of experience in this field means that the company has already learned the ropes. Now that this involves flying, the experience is key in determining the tour’s safety. Ensure that the helicopter tours company has certified pilots. Such pilots will make you feel safe at all times when airborne. With your safety assured, you will, without any doubt, enjoy the experience. In short, an experienced company with certified pilots is the way to go.

2. Restrictions

Restrictions differ from one helicopter tours company to the other. Planning for a helicopter ride with your dear ones? Ask whether the helicopter tour company has any age restrictions. Find out about other restrictions too as this will help you know how comfortable the ride will be. Belt restrictions and seat size are factors that you need not overlook. Your preferred helicopter tours based operator might have weight restrictions. Finding out about any restrictions an operator has will help you avoid all helicopter tour impediments.

3. Areas Covered

Helicopter tours don’t come for free. It would be in your best interest to make sure that you enjoy value for money. Go for a helicopter tour that covers destination areas you would love to see while airborne. Seasoned companies offering helicopter rides in Oahu go out of their way to make the ride memorable. Such a helicopter tour service provider ensures that you never miss out on important sites. In a nutshell, the more the attraction sights the tour offers, the better. This will make the trip worth every dime you will pay.


This is an important factor before settling for a Hawaii helicopter tours Oahu has today. Overlooking the rescheduling policy of a helicopter tours company can come with heavy losses. The last thing you want is your money going down the drain in today’s unforgiving economy. Note that there are factors that might make it impossible to enjoy your planned helicopter tour. A case in point is bad weather that will sometimes keep helicopters grounded. What happens in such a case? Will you have to forfeit the previous amount paid and make another? Or will the operator set a new date with no need to make another payment? You will agree that the latter is a better option, right? It is along the same lines that you need to find out about the company’s refund policy. A refund will come in handy in such cases should the operator not be in a position to offer a date that is convenient for you.


Helicopter rides in Oahu are an enjoyable experience. They offer a chance to explore the skies as you enjoy a great bird’s eye view. But the experience can leave a bitter taste in your mouth should you hire the wrong helicopter tour operator. Identifying a reliable Hawaii helicopter tours Oahu based service provider ensures that you are not part of this statistic. Doing so isn’t as hard and the above-discussed tips will point you in the right direction.

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