Touring Alaska By Air

Nearly all surveyed American workers agree that taking vacations is quite important to them, and this means that the domestic tourism industry in the United States is a large and robust one. The domestic tourism industry supports countless jobs at air ports, hotels, and more, and Americans need this chance to relax, unwind, and have a good time at an exotic new place. Often, they are visiting historic sites such as the colonial states, or they are visiting sunny beaches in Florida, California, and Hawaii. But there is another option: Alaska. This state is not a frozen wasteland; it offers a great deal of natural beauty all year round, and it is especially appealing for outdoors enthusiasts, given the state’s huge size and low population. So, a tourist can do anything up there from tours by dogsled to helicopter tours or plane tours, all the way to an Alaska glacier wedding package or going fishing and hunting. Alaska’s natural beauty may make a trip up there much more fun than many tourists will expect.

Alaska Helicopter Tours Done Right

For Alaska tourists who aren’t inclined to go dog sledding or kayaking, there is another way to explore this state’s stunning natural beauty: from the air. States such as Hawaii and Alaska offer many helicopter tours every year, and an interested tourist is encouraged to look online a few weeks or months ahead of time to book a time slot. There may be some competition, especially for helicopter tours taking place in warmer weather, so the tourist is urged to plan this well ahead of time. Searching “anchorage helicopter tours” is a fine way to start, and the tourist can find and book a slot that its their vacation’s time frame. Or, if it’s more convenient, the tourist might actually find and book helicopter tours first, then plan their vacation around it.

Once the tourist’s group arrives in Alaska and they visit the helicopter tour base, they may meet the staff and pilots, and choose a helicopter and pilot that are both to their liking. Now, everyone will get on board, and put on headsets to talk to each other (since helicopters tend to be noisy). The helicopter will then take off and fly along a pre-determined route, and the tour guide on board will explain local history and facts, as well as answer any questions the tourists may have. It’s also not uncommon during these helicopter tours for the vehicle to touch down atop a glacier, where the tourists may disembark and walk around a bit to see Alaska’s natural beauty up close. Such helicopters will fly in all but the worst weather.

There is another appealing reason to rent the services of an Alaska helicopter: glacier wedding packages. Some brides and grooms today are interested in finding exotic outdoor venues for their wedding, and while rustic farms and sunny beaches are popular for this, a glacier wedding may also be a fun idea. A very small wedding party can be flown to the private venue, and the ceremony may then take place. This vantage point can make for an unforgettable natural backdrop during the wedding.

Other Alaska Activities

What else might a tourist in Alaska do during their stay? This state is ideal for outdoors enthusiasts, as mentioned earlier, and some of them may choose to rent out log cabins in the wilds rather than stay in hotels in the cities. For example, a tourist may take a dogsled tour, a fun and time-honored way to get around on snowy terrain as packs of dogs pull the sled. Meanwhile, tourists can also go hiking and visit nature up close, and photograph or sketch animals and plants that they wouldn’t find in their own home state. Going kayaking on the river rapids can be thrilling fun, and rock climbing and mountain climbing are also great ideas for an Alaskan adventure.

Some guests to Alaska are looking to go fishing or hunting. Fishing in the streams during spring and summer can be quite relaxing, and some anglers want to go ice fishing in shacks atop a frozen lake. Big game hunters, meanwhile, can fly up to Alaska and pursue game they wouldn’t find back home.

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