Advantages of Ugrading Airplane Interiors

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Around the world, 8 million people fly every day. They fly domestically and internationally, short trips and long trips. With increasing competition in the airline industry, it is important to maintain comfort and convenience for your customers. Below are some facts about air travel in the modern age.

1. Business and leisure flights are booming, but more and more flights are for leisure. In fact, 78% of all flights are for leisure. That means the vacation begins as soon as the customer gets on the plane and this should be reflected in the global aircraft interiors. In 2014, domestic and international travelers spent nearly $645 billion on leisure and recreation. That is a huge number. If the vacation starts when they board the plane, they will want to have all the modern conveniences they have come accustomed to, including inflight entertainment systems and in seat usb power.

2. With so many options with global aircraft interiors, it is worth it to make each customer comfortable. Normal customers like to watch movies, read, or sleep on flights. In fact, 41% of people like to watch movies. Many will bring their own devices like a tablet or laptop and will need a way to charge those devices. 21% of customers read, and many of these use tablets or e-readers, also needing the ability to charge their device. 17% of people like to sleep on flights. That means that whatever the remaining population on the airplane does, it can’t be so loud as to disturb this group.

3. According to a TripAdvisor study in 2013, 25% of customers would choose an airline over another based on wifi availability. People are accustomed to being online and expect that same convenience on a flight. An ipad or tablet is considered an essential carry-on item by 37% of customers and 56% of customers use smartphones to receive flight status alerts. By providing in seat power for these devices, customers can feel more comfortable. This may result in more repeat customers and more positive word of mouth.

Use global aircraft interiors to give customers piece of mind, comfort, and convenience. Their vacation starts with the flight, so make it memorable for all aboard by providing the latest in inflight entertainment systems, in seat usb power, and other aircraft interior products. Whether the travelers want to watch a movie, read, sleep, or even work, by providing in seat power and easy ife monitors airlines can give travelers the comfort they seek.

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