Are Family Campgrounds the Best Vacation Deal?

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Family camping trips are an integral part of American culture. Getting back outside to spend time together as a family unit and enjoy the beauty of nature is a good idea no matter what a person’s age. While “glamping,” which means glamorous camping, in a loaded RV is a term that has gained some popularity, tent sites for camping will always be the standard.

Can We Just Go? First Plan the Timeframe, As Mother Nature Is On a Schedule.

It may seem appealing to come home one Friday afternoon and head out to one of the local camping sites spur of the moment. Unless you and the family are particularly comfortable experiencing discomfort, this is not the method to take when considering a family vacation. Some research is required before you hop in the car toward the wild unknown.

Picking a time to go camping matters. It might seem obvious, but the passage of the seasons will really be apparent when you’re sitting in a tent at night. Decide now whether the warm days of summer or the crisp winds of fall will tempt you.

Once You Know the Days, Plan the Location Carefully.

It is necessary to plan the days for your family vacation before deciding on a site, because some sites are better visited at certain times of year than others. Some campers will travel nearly 200 miles to get to their chosen site, which means the weather may be drastically different from what they are used to. Prepare accordingly by backing extra sunscreen, hats, fans, or on the other hand, warm sweaters, as needed.

Tent sites for camping have come a long way over the past decade. About 47% of participants in one survey on camping insisted that simply pitching a tent and sitting outside for a few days was what made camping so enjoyable. With that said, there are many sites offering more than an empty lot for your tent.

One study on the habits of family’s who regularly go camping found that about 87% engaged in multiple outdoor activities. This might include the traditional hiking, fishing, and bird watching, but many campsites are now offering other features to entice their visitors, such as water sports, volleyball, and even golfing.

Do We Have Everything? When Packing, Make a List to Stay On Track.

Anytime we take items outside for a picnic, a sports event, or obviously tent sites for camping, there is a good chance at least one item will be left behind. Items may be forgotten at home or where you were stationed outside, but either way it is likely to happen. To avoid this, the trick is very simple: Make and keep a list.

As you’re planning the trip, make a list of items you want to bring. As each item is packed, check it off the list. When you do this, you will have a clear idea of what you have brought with you. At the end of the trip, you’ll be able to mark off each item again as it is packed away. You will be able to see at a glance if anything is missing.

Vacations are necessary for our continued health. If that takes the form of relaxing outside to the sound of wild birds and critters, all the better. Camping is a traditional vacation option that still appeals to many families. Before you take your family out on an adventure in the wilderness, plan accordingly.

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