How to Plan a Smoky Mountain Trip

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During every single vacation period, whether it be spring break or summer vacation, plenty of people travel to destinations all over the world. Keep in mind right now that more than 11 fillip people visit Gatlinburg every single year, and that is just Gatlinburg. Some of these locations range from islands based in tropical areas, to snow covered mountains, to forrest and wood filled areas. People who enjoy traveling love to go to different types of areas. As a matter of fact, those who are truly dedicated to traveling are going to want to make a hobby of listing out different places to visit, and crossing those locations off of their traveling checklist. People are traveling to mountains now more than ever as well, even including the great smoky mountain lodge. Vacation lodges are the most commonly used sleeping accommodation in terms of visiting mountains while traveling. These vacation lodge that exist within the mountain area allow travelers to stay near the mountain and also allow them to have a safe habitat to sleep and eat in. This is the exact reason as to why they are so popular. Specifically, a smoky mountain lodge have risen dramatically in their popularity as the smoky mountain area is becoming more and more popular as a vacation like destination. Here are some factors you should consider and understand when trying to decide what sort of vacation lodge you want to stay at when traveling as a tourist on vacation.

First and foremost it is important to understand what you aim to get out of your vacation and then understanding how to plan your location around what you want. If you are someone that wants to enjoy the city life and a downtown area while on vacation then make sure you pick a location that fits that type of description. If you want a lot of hiking and physical activity then you should pick a large mountain to visit and that way you can get the most out of your outdoor activity. If you are someone who is looking for the latter, then you should definitely look at a smoky mountain lodge as your next activity. The smoky mountain lodge is a destination that has become very popular with hikers and those that enjoy getting the most out of outdoor activities. You should know that currently, there are 800 miles of hiking trails in the great smoky mountains national park. If you stay at a smoky mountain lodge you will be able to enjoy these trails that range from a half mile to 70 miles in their length. 70 miles of hiking will be at your disposable and your usage if you decide to stay at the smoky mountain lodge and visit the smoky mountain on your vacation trip. Also keep in mind that half of the 522,427 acres that exist within the great smoky mountains national park, are located within the boundaries of Tennessee. This is important because again, you should know the area very well if you are planning on visiting a location for vacation.

Out of all 59 national parks, the great smoky mountains national park managed to have the highest visitation numbers in 2016, with 11.3 million people. If you visit the great smoky mountains national park and stay at a smoky mountain lodge you will be visiting the most popular mountain and national park in the United States. Anyone that considers themselves a true traveler will want to stay at a smoky mountain lodge to cross that off of their travelers list. If you are a hiker, also keep in mind that around 70 miles of the Appalachian trail run through the great smoky mountain park. These are all facts that you should take into consideration when you are booking your trip. Make sure you get the most out of your vacation.

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