Are You Ready to Move to a Piece of Land with More Space and Privacy?

Need to get away?

Are you tired of the traffic, the noise, the street lights, and the feeling of being in tight spaces?

A beautiful home in the suburbs may have been on the top of your list a decade ago, but now that you have three children, the city life just seems to be too much. Too many people. All of the time. Everywhere you turn.

Are you ready for a different kind of home? A piece of property with space enough to ride horses. A location far enough away from the city lights so that you can show your children the grandness of the Milky Way.

Some people who were content for years to live in the crowded suburbs are having a change of mind. Instead of being close to the biggest shopping centers, they now want to be close to the biggest mountains. Instead of being close to the most popular concert venues, they now want to be close to the sounds of nature. Horse property, hunting ranches, and farmland are some of the most popular real estate locations for the buyer who wants to get away from the city.

Hunting Ranches and Farm Land for Sale Entice Buyers Who Have Tired of City Life
People’s lives change. Some who once chased the fast track of living in a downtown city loft later tire of the hustle and bustle of all of the people and battle for parking. Some who once thought their idea of a perfect home for the family was a home in the suburb within walking distance of a school later decide that keeping finding a much smaller school district in the country is a better educational option.

If your life plan has changed, you may find yourself looking at the benefits of living in a more open space that will let you to return to the basics. Open sky. Open land. Peaceful days. And while living in the country does not have to mean a time of quiet retirement, it can provide a more laid back lifestyle that lets you spend long afternoons on a horse ride or early morning sunrises with a few that is simply not possible in a big city.

Some See Hunting Ranches and Guest Ranches for Sale as Investment Opportunities
Although some may look toward country living as a way to relax, others move to the country for an active lifestyle or the opportunity to earn a second income. Did you know, for instance, that there are 920 million acres of farmland across America? Of this vast amount of property, an impressive 33% is operated by full owners. Working farms produce crops needed in our nation; working ranches provide the protein that most Americans have as a source of their daily diet.

The purpose of different kinds of farm and ranch land is often determined by its location. For example, ranch and farm land in California is often used for one of that state’s three major exports: almonds, dairy and dairy products, and wine. The hotter weather of Nebraska and Iowa, on the other hand, is more commonly used for producing dry land crops like corn, wheat, and soy beans. The decision to purchase land for agricultural purposes begins with crop research and a substantial financial investment.

Others look to the land for income opportunities and more diverse and creative business plans. For example, someone who has always enjoyed hunting and fishing might purchase a large piece of property with the intent to create hunting ranches that others can visit for long weekends or week-long hunting events. Someone who has grown up around horses, on the other hand, might decide to offer a horse property with guest cabins and opportunities for riding lessons or a family wrangling experience.
Fortunately, in spite of all of the development in many cities and suburbs, America still has plenty of open land for those who want it. By purchasing one of the 2.2 million farms in the U.S., for instance, a business city slicker can experience the hard work of growing crops that can help feed others. A hunting enthusiast can live on his own property that provides plenty of game.

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