Tent, RV or Cabin? Variety of Ways to Stay When You Go Camping

Cabin camping in maryland

About 40 million people go camping each year in the U.S., and those who are into camping tend to go on multiple camping trips, with an average of about five trips a year. For hardcore campers, sleeping in a tent is no problem, but for some people, they would prefer some modern comforts. That’s where other types of options, such as vacation cabins, come into play.

Though many people enjoy staying in a tent when they camp, it’s not for everyone. It can be very uncomfortable, with uneven ground to sleep on, no way to regulate the temperature and the threat of invasion from bugs and other critters. For those who don’t want to stay in a tent, there are basically two options: vacation cabins or a camper or RV.

For those who camp a lot, having your own camper or RV can make sense. It allows you to have a place to stay not just when you camp but also on other family vacation trips. It also gives you certain comforts that you can take with you wherever you go, including a bathroom, refrigerator and electricity to plug in electronic devices.

Owning an RV is not affordable or practical for everyone, so for others, cabin camping may be the better choice. Many state and national parks as well as public campgrounds have vacation cabins that can be rented by people for a day, a week or longer. Campgrounds with cabins are often popular destinations. The advantages of staying in a cabin are many. You get running water and showers, electricity and you have a bed to sleep in. For many people, this is a huge benefit. You can still rough it during the day but then recharge in comfort during the evening. Vacation cabins can be especially attractive to families with young children or even older children. Such options are popular with millennials as well, with about 10% of all 18- to 34-year-olds saying they like to stay in a cabin when they go camping.

Whatever way you like to stay when camping, whether it’s roughing it in a tent or staying in an RV or cabin, camping is still among the cheapest ways you can go on vacation or take a family trip.

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