Camping Go Back To A Simpler Time This Summer

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There’s something about summer that makes all of us feel young again — it’s a return to hot days and nights filled with chasing fireflies and roasting marshmallows. Summer vacation is a time when you can ostensibly go anywhere. But nothing has an authentic ring to it quite like the one carried by camping. Camping is a return to nature and the good old-fashioned way of doing things. Perhaps the only other type of summer fun that has the same kind of charm is an amusement park. As such, many Americans find themselves combining the two pastimes for one big summer adventure. Nowadays, many amusement parks have campgrounds nearby. This has led many families to camp out in the campgrounds at night, while visiting an amusement park by day. With this kind of ingenuity, kids are able to have a taste of the good old days while at the same time never getting bored. The thing about this kind of summer adventure is that kids don’t end up spending their time in front of a screen. Let’s look into the types of things you can do at campgrounds and amusement parks.

Camping: A Return To The Great Outdoors

There are many advantages to camping, which is why so many people take advantage of the opportunity to camp each year. In 2013 alone, the revenue generated by campgrounds and RV parks was estimated at around five billion dollars. The next year, Americans were estimated to spend $1.5 billion on camping equipment — that doesn’t include the amount spent on campgrounds and parks. There are many benefits to choosing a campground over camping out in the wilderness, even if you don’t value the potential proximity to an amusement park. For one thing, campgrounds are definitely legal — always a plus — whereas camping in the wilderness can be a gray area depending on where you live. Secondly, campgrounds are safe. There are resources nearby in case of emergency, and measures are taken to increase security. At the same time, you aren’t sacrificing your love of nature and the overall camping experience. It’s simply a great option for families, and certainly can be as social or as isolated an experience as you want it to be. Many campgrounds offer different living options as well. If you so please, you could camp in a tent. However, many campgrounds now offer cabin rentals as well. Cabin rentals marry the natural beauty of camping with the creature comforts of being at home. Furthermore, cabin rentals allow you to potentially house more people if you’re bringing your whole family along. Cabin rentals have more space for those who need to store more equipment or supplies — a major benefit for those staying at the campground for more than a few days. And finally, this option could certainly be safer and more comfortable for parents with young children. With that being said, those who don’t wish to stay in cabins can also look into the option of an RV park. This has many of the same benefits, but is a bit simpler.

Amusement Parks: Family Fun For All Ages

As mentioned above, it’s possible that you and your family want to go camping — but want to do more than just that. The advantage of camping near an amusement park or splashpark is that you can leave your camping site and enjoy everything from roller coasters to a good meal. Amusement parks often offer rides and thrills for older teens and adults, as well as tamer adventures for young children. In fact, you don’t have to restrict your visits to an amusement park to summer. Although you may not be able to camp all year round, about 90% of amusement parks do operate all year round. This gives you time to enjoy yourself whether it’s hot or cold outside — and many amusement parks run certain celebrations and specials around the holidays, so it’s certainly worth looking into. No matter what you do, have fun!

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