Make the Most of Your Cabo San Lucas Vacation with These Tips


When it comes to taking time off, Americans talk a good game but do not really follow through. According to employment site Glassdoor, nearly three quarters of American workers did not actually take all of their paid leave time in 2013. In what may be a worse statistic, more than 60% of people who do take time off, work while they are away. At least 10% of American vacationers say they check email and voicemail too much while they are away to really relax and enjoy their time away from the office. For these people, vacation rentals Cabo San Lucas may be the antidote.

Cabos San Lucas is one of the best places around for vacation. If you are looking for a resort town with great weather, this may be the perfect place for you. The town sees between 350 and 360 sunny days each year. People enjoying vacation rentals Cabo San Lucas will tell you that even the rainy season is not that rainy as the area only gets between seven and ten inches of rain every year. Whether you go for all inclusive vacation resorts or find some villas for rent, you will have fun here.

Vacation rentals Cabo San Lucas remain popular because the area is very safe but it is a tourist area and you should pay attention to your belongings. As with any tourist town, pick pockets are always on the lookout for people who may not be paying enough attention to their bags. Keep your wallets in a bag that you wear across your body or in a pocket on the inside of a jacket. Just pay attention to your surroundings and you should be fine.

You need a valid United States passport. There was a time when all you needed to get into Mexico or Canada was a valid driver’s license but that time is long gone. The local authorities will expect you to have a valid passport to enter Mexico.

Bring lots of sunscreen! Most people will spend at least some time in Cabo San Lucas on the beach or out on the water. Even when it is cloudy, the sun, will reflect off the water and double your sun dose. Apply your sunscreen in the morning but then reapply it throughout the day.

Be careful with your prescription medicine. You need to take your medication with you but take care to bring only what you need. Some people go to Mexico to stock up on medication they cannot always buy in the United States and the local police are cracking down on this.

Other Tips that Can Help Keep You Safe:

You can leave your weapons at home. There was also a time when people could bring their guns to their vacation rentals Cabo San Lucas but that has also been changed. If the Mexican authorities find any guns or bullets in your luggage, they can and will arrest you. They can also arrest people they find with pocket knives and anything that can be considered to be a weapon. The bottom line is just leave your weapons at home when you head out for your vacation in Mexico.

Watch your step when walking around Cabo San Lucas. The traffic patterns in the area are frenetic and unpredictable. Cabo drivers are considered to be very aggressive and tend to drive very fast. Take care when you cross the street. Many people have been injured in the area when they were distracted by their phone while crossing the street. The scenery is pretty and people often try to text and walk. You should take more care when walking around Cabo San Lucas than you do when you are at home. Also, the uneven pavement can be tricky to navigate if you are not paying close enough attention.

Watch what you drink. If someone that you do not know offers you any kind of beverage, you should decline. The United States State Department has recommended people pay attention to the people who serve them drinks and to watch other patrons at restaurants and bars. While not a frequent occurrence, people have been known to spike other people’s drinks with drugs.

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