Don’t Forget to Pack These Things For Your Next Beach Trip

Oceanfront condos

So you are one of the 45% of Americans headed out on a summer vacation. You have chosen to follow the rising trend of over half of vacationers staying in vacation rentals, as an alternative to a traditional resort. The most popular vacation destination is the beach, so off to the beach you go! So you have chosen from the best beach condos rentals, and you can’t wait to get in the sand. Here are some things you must not forget to pack when preparing for your vacation!

Paper products

Not all rentals include paper products like napkins, toilet paper, and paper plates. So it is a great idea to have some of these things on hand especially if you want to prepare a picnic for the beach! Just make sure not to forget your plastic silverware.

Basic seasonings

If you are planning on cooking, make sure to bring any extra fixings you may need to prepare your meal. Usually salt and pepper is a standard fixing, but if you require any particular seasonings make sure to bring them along. This goes for cooking oil as well!


While your condo may provide some basic toiletries, it is always a safe bet to bring your own. This way you aren’t stuck having to buy expensive travel sized products at tourist shops. Make sure to double check with the rental owner to see if hairdryers are included as well because after a long day at the beach you don’t want to go out to eat with wet hair!


Even though you’re headed to the beach, a rainy day may ruin your good time. Packing some movies will help beat the rainy day boredom, but at least you’ll be able to watch the storm come in from your oceanfront condos.


Want to relax with a glass of wine? Well don’t forget the most important part, a corkscrew!

Garbage bags

They are more versatile that just for garbage, you can use them to bring home wet clothes and towels from the beach!

In order to have a great vacation, you need to find a reputable place to rent beach condos. Once you book your place, get ready for a good time because vacation condo rentals give you the feelings of home, but at a more exotic location!

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