Flying High Understanding the Multitude of Benefits of IFE Monitors and Other In Flight Entertainment Solutions

Inflight entertainment systems

For exciting as travel can be, it can also be extremely frustrating, tiring, stressful, and even draining. From rushing to the airport in order to go through security, find the right gate, and make it to the plane on time to landing in a completely foreign airport, getting from point A to point B can be a taxing experience for airline customers and passengers. That’s why it’s so important for airlines to do their best to keep customers comfortable, happy, and coming back for more. A great way to do this is through stellar customer service and in flight entertainment solutions.

Customer retention is extremely important for all airlines, whether they’re a small charter airline or a well known mega airline. After all, there are a variety of different airlines that customers and passengers can choose from, so it’s always a priority for airlines to find innovative ways to attract new customers and retain existing ones to create a sense of strong brand loyalty. But as with many other industries, competition within the airline industry is fierce, with each airline doing their absolute best to improve the in and out of flight experience for their passengers in order to create a long term, mutually rewarding experience.

From the customer or passenger’s point of view, there are a myriad of low cost flights to choose from. Cost is often a determining factor for so many airline customers and passengers, right along with ease of booking, customer service, and in flight entertainment options. This is especially true for long international flights, some of which can be upwards of sixteen hours or more! In fact, many customers have no problem choosing the cheapest flight even though they know they may have to sacrifice customer service or the quality of in flight entertainment systems.

But luckily, airline customers and passengers can have the best of both worlds as airlines continue to up the ante in terms affordability, aircraft interior products such as advanced inflight entertainment systems (IFE), and crystal clear IFE monitors. These allow customers and passengers to fly in style, in comfort, and at an affordable rate. Something as simple as including state of the art IFE monitors can be enough to attract new customers, retain existing ones, and dramatically improve the reputation of an airline.

Even though airline technology and aircraft display systems have a long, long way, flights can still be pretty boring. Even though many passengers bring along their smart phones, tablets, and other kinds of digital gizmos and gadgets, flights can feel long, drawn out, and uninspiring. In addition, it’s common for many of these digital gadgets and gizmos to run out of battery life, leaving the customer or passenger bored and without entertainment — that is unless there are IFE monitors available on board during the flight!

But IFE monitors aren’t just limited to seat back screens. As popular as these are, there many more dynamic options such as preloaded tablets. That’s right, IFE monitors are no longer confined to tiny screens on the back of another seat! These tablets come preloaded with loads of fun, engaging entertainment such as movies, hit television shows, music videos, YouTube, books, magazines, newspapers, and all other kinds of reading material. They may even come preloaded with popular puzzles and games! These kinds of IFE monitors are great for both airlines as well as customers and passengers alike. Not only are they low eight, but they do not take up a great deal of space in the cabin. Both of these are important concerns for airlines looking to keep their fuel costs down in order to keep their flights more affordable.

IFE monitors such as tablets are also a great way for airlines to engage and communicate with their customers and passengers via advertising. A brief commercial or advertisement that highlights some of the other in flight services you have to offer such as food, drink, or even promotions for earning reward points can work wonders in terms of gaining repeat customers and enhancing the entire travel experience.

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