Enjoy the Outdoors at a Local Camping Resort

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When it’s time to go camping, many families choose to visit local camp resorts. On average, they travel 186.7 miles for their fun, family camping vacations. Whether you prefer to stay at local camping sites or travel further afoot, there are quite a adventures to be had.

Campers tend to spend an average of 2 weeks enjoying all that local camping resorts offer. In addition to staying in a bivy, cabin, or yurt, campers also enjoy bringing their RVs. Sleeping outside beneath the stars is always an option, too.

A recent survey showed that 87% of the participating campers engaged in a variety of activities outdoors. These included hiking, swimming, birdwatching, and fishing. Then there’s the new craze of geocaching, which is like a treasure hunt using your phone’s GPS.

There are also fun activities designed just for the kids, such as arts and crafts along with interactive games. Splashparks and other water-oriented activities are fun for the entire family, especially when the weather is nice and warm.

All these fun activities are just part of the reason why most campers choose to stay at public campgrounds. Quite a few campers take their camping vacations here to spend quality time with their family. In addition to this, there’s being able to relax and just enjoy the fresh air and scenery.

Whether you plan each camping trip ahead for months at a time or are more spontaneous, you may have several trips in mind. If you’re like the overwhelming majority of campers, you’re probably planning at least 3 or more trips for the upcoming months.

Why do people go camping? Nearly half of the people that participate regularly in this leisure activity do so for the sheer enjoyment that it brings. Since each camping trip offers a unique experience, it’s a great idea to go camping often with family and friends.

Where are you planning to go on your next family camping trip? If you’ve decided you and your family would love to experience camp resorts this time, you may want to schedule your stay a month in advance. In this way, you’ll be able to ensure you have the perfect spot to pitch your tent or hook up your RV.

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