Vacationing in Ocala, Florida? There Are So Many Fun Activities to Explore!


Traveling is a popular leisure activity in the United States, and many Americans choose to do so quite often. Some people love to go camping in order to enjoy horseback riding, zip lining, or other exhilarating sports. Others may love to visit areas where there are museums and other cultural and historical things to do.

The beach is a major draw for locals and vacationers. If you’re planning to visit Florida, were you aware that no matter where you are in this sunny state, it’s never more than 60 miles from a beach? In 2016 alone, Florida received 112.8 million tourists on its sandy shores.

Another popular activity is golfing. Were you aware that there are over 1,300 golf courses in Florida? While you may have a favorite course, it’s nice to have so many choices when you’re ready to play a few rounds.

If you like zip lining, were you aware that there are 48 states that have commercial zip lines? You may be happy to learn that Florida is on this list. Just imagine experiencing an aerial view while feeling the rush as you go down the line!

When camping is one of your favorite leisure activities, you may drive miles for just the right spot. On average, campers traveled around 186.7 miles in 2013. How many people do you know that go camping on a regular basis? In 2015, 25 million engaged in this popular outdoor activity.

If you’re creating a list of things to do in Ocala, why not begin with stopping by a local bike shop? Bike riding is a popular recreational activity that visitors and locals alike enjoy. In addition to renting you and your family bikes, the staff at the bike shop will be able to recommend some of the best areas for biking.

A national survey showed that people take 9 million bike trips every day, and that 33% of the participants ride bicycles for fun and recreation. It’s also a great form of exercise, and a way to explore a new or familiar vacation spot.

Since there are so many activities to enjoy while vacationing in Ocala, you will probably want to extend your stay. When it comes time for your next vacation, chances are that you’ll want to return to Ocala again and again.

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