Gorgeous Mountain View Make for Great Vacations

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Transparent mountains. Ever since you were little you have used that phrase to describe the mountain view that you like best. You first discovered the transparent mountains, those peaks that line up one after another in a beautiful haze that makes it nearly impossible to focus on just one spot, when you were in junior high. Your church confirmation group traveled on rented school busses to a YMCA camp in the Rocky Mountains for a week in the summer. It was easy to talk about the power of a creator when you were surrounded by those transparent mountains. Especially when your group was form the plains of Nebraska.
You later had a different view of the transparency of those mountain peak when the same church group traveled back to Colorado in the winter. This time you were in high school and you found yourself out on the ski slopes. From the heights of the ski trails, the transparency converted to a crystal clear sharpness. Perhaps it was the altitude. Perhaps it was the cold, crisp air. Either way, the mountain views were both snow covered and sharp as you skied with friends for three day weekends every winter.
A summer job during college cemented your addiction to the mountain views of Colorado. As a camp counselor in the Rocky Mountains south of Colorado Springs you witnessed a view of those transparent mountains at sunrise and sunset, as well as the crystal clear sharpness of the distant ranges when you made the weekly hike to the top of the mountain with a group of hikers and camp staff.
Mountain Views Are Addictive
You do not have to be from the plains of Nebraska to fall in love with the mountain views of Colorado. Travelers from round the world visit the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Whether they come for the summer months to challenge themselves to climb some of the 10 14,000-foot tall peaks in Buena Vista, or travel the railways of Winter Park and Grandby, the beauty appeals to all. The decision to conquer a mountain like Princeton, Yale, Harvard, or Columbia, can be as rewarding as a silent afternoon on a cabin porch watching wildlife.
The mountains of Colorado offer everything from bustling ski slopes to small town atmospheres. Visitors can select between affordable accommodations like bed and breakfast lodging choices and full service boutique hotel and spa services. Surrounded by the towering mountain peaks, all of these options allow you to wake to a spectacular view.
Colorado Visits Provide a Variety of Outdoor Opportunities
While the bed and breakfast lodges and hotel spas may be so comfortable that you could stay inside all day, the real beauty of Colorado is obviously outdoors:

  • Easy to rigorous hiking opportunities. You do not have to reach the peak of a 14,000 mountain to enjoy hiking in Colorado. While many come to the state to check some major climbs off their list, even more travelers come to enjoy short hikes to enjoy the flora and fauna of the region. The high altitude provides some of the brightest blooms you will ever experience, and it is not uncommon to see )elk, bear, moose, deer, and fox.
  • Snow sports offer variety. Many visitors think of snow skiing when they think of Colorado in the winter. Equally popular, snow boarding, tubing, and snowmobiling attract many thrill seekers. In fact, more than 100 miles of groomed snowmobile trails that can be accessed just west of town on Cottonwood Pass. This, of course, is just one of many locations that provide groomed trails for snowmobiling and covered moving sidewalks for accessing tubing runs.
  • A Small Town in the MountainsFrom active social scenes in ski towns to quiet spaces in the smallest communities, Colorado visitors will find what they are looking for. For instance, legendary towns like St. Elmo, one of Colorado’s best-preserved ghost towns, is only 30 minutes from the ski slopes of Buena Vista.

What is your vacation addiction? Did it begin when you were just a young junior high student who was able to see the mountains for the very first time? Taking the time to vacation with family in the mountains of Colorado can help you pass your favorite scenic addiction to your children.

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