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Very few people don’t like a good vacation every now and then. Unfortunately, not enough Americans get to enjoy such a luxury, as the Center for Economic and Policy Research reports that one in four workers in the U.S. get no paid time off what so ever for vacations. Compared to countries like Italy and France who offer their workers 31 days, it’s no wonder that many in the U.S. feel stressed and overworked. And for the few that actually get to enjoy a vacation, often times they have to take business calls or check in with their bosses and coworkers during their time off. In fact, an estimated 61% of vacationing Americans in a survey conducted by Happify, say they typically continue to work while on vacation!

Because of this, about one in ten vacationing Americans claim it’s hard to relax while on vacation. Fortunately for those lucky enough to enjoy a work free vacation, though, there are plenty of luxurious destinations to spend a week or two relaxing. Among them is Cabo San Lucas.

Cabo San Lucas is a popular destination among travelers who love to travel, shop, dine on delicious fares, relax with sports like golf, and more. It’s an ideal destination because it averages about 78 degrees Fahrenheit year around. The weather is almost always ideal for spending time outside, with hot sunny days and very low humidity. And even though Cabo does have a rainy season, Los Cabos usually sees no more than ten inches of rain each year.

Many people flock to Cabo San Lucas for the perfect weather, meaning that there are also many vacation rentals cabo san lucas. But it’s not only the weather that attracts travelers. Cabo San Lucas is also known for it’s sporting events, like the Bisbee’s Black and Blue Marling Fishing Tournament. The tournament, held each October, is one of the most well known fishing tournaments in the world, with more than a 3 million dollar jackpot. Tournaments like the Bisbee’s Black and Blue Marling one draw crowds and vacationers, meaning that vacation rentals cabo san lucas are highly sought after.

So for those looking for a break from the daily grind and a bit of relaxation and fun, try out Cabo San Lucas. All inclusive resorts, villa rentals, and vacation rentals cabo san lucas are available year around to best cater to travelers from all over!

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