How to Choose the Perfect Area for A Camping Trip

Planning a family camping trip can be almost as exciting as camping itself! Between choosing meals to cook outdoors and talking about which places you’d like to explore, it’s easy to get revved up about a trip long before it’s time to set off!

Sometimes, however, the planning process requires a few tough decisions. What if one family member wants to enjoy mountain biking and stay in a lodge, but the rest of your group would prefer hiking and tenting?

Luckily, in places like Summersville Lake WV, visitors can enjoy a little bit of everything. To find the best campgrounds that accommodate everyone’s camping dreams, read on. Here are three steps towards selecting the perfect family vacation spot that offers something for everyone:

Steps for Selecting the Best Camping Vacation Destination:

1. Consider Which Activities You’ll Be Doing

First and foremost, take some time to decide which activities everyone will enjoy for the majority of the trip. Will this excursion be a family fishing trip? Will you be looking for biking trails, or great places to kayak? Unless you plan on bringing a caravan of pickup trucks, you’ll probably be limited to one or two gear-heavy activities. Once you’ve settled on two or three main pastimes for your trip, you’ll be able to look for family vacation spots ideal for your adventure.

2. If Desired, Plan A Route

If your family can’t choose just one activity or destination, a road-trip style camping vacation might be the best solution! Consider stringing together a few different family vacation spots, stopping for a night or two at each place. By the end of the trip, your family will be masters at setting up and breaking down camp, and your whole trip will feel even more like an adventure.

3. Choose Dates and Make Reservations

Once you know which activities you want to do, and which family vacation spots you want to visit, it’s important to book campgrounds and hotels as soon as possible. After all, 96% of American employees say vacation time is important to them– if you request time off before making reservations, you’ll be sorely disappointed to find your favorite campground has no vacancies! Book early to make your dream camping vacation a reality.

Planning a camping trip is fun, but sometimes, it can be a lot of work. With these three simple steps, you and your family will be able to decide which vacation spots will offer the most fun for everyone.

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