3 Tips for Choosing the Best Helicopter Tour

While the long, summer days may be quickly passing by, there’s still plenty of time to plan a summer vacation. More and more people are choosing to take vacations during the summer, with 2017 seeing a 12.5% increase in spending on summer vacations. And if you’re looking for the perfect vacation destination, you should consider traveling to Hawaii. With beautiful sites and fun-filled excursions, Hawaii has tons to offer visitors. If you do travel to Hawaii, you can’t miss out on an Oahu helicopter tour experience. So keep on reading for a few great tips on choosing the best helicopter tours in Oahu.

Make safety a priority: While helicopter tours can be an amazing experience, it’s always important to keep safety in mind. Looking into the reputable helicopter rides Oahu can offer is a great way to ensure safety will be the main concern before, during, and after the flight. Doing your research, asking questions, and considering recommendations are all important steps in choosing safe helicopter rides in Oahu. And by making safety a priority, you’ll have nothing to worry about while enjoying your helicopter tour.

Consider the type of helicopter: When it comes to helicopter tours, there are actually quite a few options for the type of helicopter. So before you book one of the best helicopter tours in Oahu, make sure you know which type of helicopter you’ll be in. One thing to consider is whether you’ll be in a doors-off ride or a doors-on ride. To have the best view of the sites below, you may want to consider a doors-off experience. Additionally, you should know ahead of time what kind of seating arrangements you can expect so you’ll know if someone in your group will have a middle seat instead of a window seat.

Know which sites you’ll see: If there are a few Hawaii sites on your “must see” list, you should make sure they’re going to be a part of the helicopter tour ahead of time. If you go in expecting to see all of the sites on your list but don’t check that they’re actually part of the tour, you may end up disappointed. So to make sure you’re paying for what you really want to see, contact the tour company ahead of time and figure out exactly what you can expect from the flight.

There are a lot of important factors to consider when booking a helicopter flight. But by following these few simple tips, you’ll be sure to book one of the best helicopter tours in Oahu.

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