Is Your Group Interested in Chartering a Bus?

Special events

Student Bus to Nashville. The show choir students are excited. The big day is getting closer. After months since the initial announcement, the plans are being finalized for the big trip to the Grand Ole Opry. The charter bus rentals seating assignments are open and the students are making plans for who they will sit by. They are anxious for the performance and competition, but they are just as excited about staying in the big fancy hotel and for the long hours on the bus. Far from dreading the experience, the students are planning card games, snack foods, and the blankets and pillows they will have along for the ride.
Parent Bus to Nashville. Not wanting to ride with the high school students, but not wanting to drive themselves, a group of parents signed up for one of the charter bus rentals from Omaha, Nebraska, to Nashville, Tennessee. The planning information indicated that the bus would need to have 50 parents register for it to go, and within the week so many parents registered that a second bus was added. The bus would leave a little before the students left, but would basically be following the same route, except with a few adult stops along the way. Partly as a way to avoid overwhelming the restaurants where they stopped, have a slightly different route allowed the parent bus to make a stop at dining spots that included regional wine tasting.
Athlete Bus to Memphis. The ride from Shreveport, Louisiana, to Memphis, Tennessee, is fairly long, but the price for flying was prohibitive. Instead of just flying the gymnasts who will be competing, the entire team can travel to the meet by bus. With only 24 traveling, including the coaching staff, it will be a comfortable ride, even though it will be long. Each athlete will get a row to herself with overhead storage space available. The bigger bags that will not be used during the trip can be stored under the bus.
Interestingly enough, your family will all be traveling by motorcoach at least once during the first three months of 2017. It is fun to think that you will be making all of these trips, but that you will not be responsible for any of the driving.

Where Will Your Travels Take You This Year?
Contacting a charter bus company when your group is getting ready to travel is a good idea. Hiring a professional to help your group travel a long distance is often the most affordable way to make sure that the trip goes off as planned. When someone else is taking care of both the driving and vehicle maintenance, groups can arrive to their destinations on time and rested. Charter bus rentals offer affordability, safety, comfort, and convenience.
One of the things that makes charter bus rentals so affordable is that they allow large groups the comfort of traveling through the night. National bus companies can provide two drivers so that one is always able to rest so the overnight travel is achievable. Some companies simply have one driver start the first leg of a trip and then switch drivers at the end of that first leg. Either way, the travelers have the convenience of sleeping through overnight travel, avoiding the cost of a hotel room for that night.
In addition to being affordable and comfortable, charter bus trips are also environmentally friendly. Did you know, for instance, that each full motorcoach has the possibility of removing as many as 55 automobiles from the highway? In fact, switching to motorcoach travel for the 12,500 miles traveled annually by the average automobile would reduce carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 4.3 tons an automobile a year. Switching to motorcoach travel for the 12,500 miles traveled annually by the average automobile would reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 4.3 tons per automobile annually.
The motorcoach industry and its transportation services currently accounts for 631,000,000 passenger trips a year in the U.S. and Canada. For the travelers who opt for motorcoach travel, there are also many other benefits. Travelers who are part of a bus charter often get an easier access and a special price for tour stops across the country. With the negotiating power of a large travel group, you will save more than just the gas!

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