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Holding a big wedding with family and friends is a great thing. Why go traditional when you can have a grand wedding event in the ice-covered landscape in Alaska. The picturesque Alaskan landscape provides a perfect place to host your wedding event and honeymoon.

You can go sightseeing and take pictures while on helicopter rides, or you can go on a ground tour with sled dogs. You can play with ice, take pictures of different wildlife species, or even scale the heights of some mountain peaks when on a helicopter ride.

Here are some of the events and activities that you can enjoy while on a destination wedding event or honeymoon in Alaska.

Helicopter Tours

If you love some sightseeing, then taking a helicopter ride through the Alaskan sky is a perfect way to view and enjoy its landscape and features such as glaciers, mountains, forests, and lakes. The cost of a helicopter tour over the Alaskan sky varies depending on the number of helicopter occupants and the period of the ride. You can choose specific destinations to reach and the kind of activities to engage in or the stopovers to make.

Ice Games and Photography

Once you’re off the helicopter ride, you can choose to play some games on the ice. Making a few balls of ice and throwing them around at a target or building some ice castles can be a great way to enjoy some of these fun-filled ice games. While engaging in such games, you can also take pictures that will record such a memorable event in your collection of wedding photographs. The valleys and snow-capped peaks provide the perfect scenery for photography.

Scaling the Mountain and Mountain Range Peaks

Alaska has some of the highest mountain peaks in the tundra, and you can mount these mountain ranges while on a helicopter ride. The Saint Elias mountain range and Alaska range are some of the grand ranges of the tundra that can provide the perfect scenery for photography. You can take some beautiful pictures of the peaks of some of these mountains and ranges.

Active Volcano Viewing

Apart from scaling the mountains and mountain ranges by helicopter, you can also view some active and dormant volcanoes. There are approximately 70 active volcanoes in Alaska, and most of them are on the Aleutian Arc that is on the arching tail of the Alaskan region. You can also go for some sightseeing in the Wrangell Mountain Range where you can see some active and smoking volcanoes.

Dog Sledding Tours

After taking your vows and pictures to capture these memorable wedding events in Alaska, you can decide to take a dog sled tour and some more sightseeing. The dogsled rides are perfect for summer times, and you’ll get to enjoy the pristine ice-covered landscape of Alaska. If you have experience in riding, then you can mush a dog a team and use the harness to navigate to all places that you’d like across the Alaskan countryside.

If you’re inexperienced like most first-time visitors to the tundra, then you’ll have to take a seat and let the mushers take you on a smooth ride because they have experience in handling the sled. You have to get well equipped for the trip because you’ll need some boots and warm clothing to protect you from the cold.

Sightseeing of Wildlife

The tundra has black bears, Dall sheep, the moose, and many mountain goats. You can take pictures of wildlife and enjoy some sightseeing sessions as you watch them move through their natural habitats.

As you think about your big wedding event, try and think outside the box! Why don’t you create a fantastic wedding event in the Alaskan region? The glacier-filled countryside provides a perfect tundra environment that is ideal for cool summers. There are lots of fun-filled activities that you can engage in while in this cold region, and these include wildlife sightseeing, dogsled tours, ice games, photography, and helicopter rides.

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