What You Need to Wear and Carry for Your Alaskan Tour and Activities

How about taking your next special anniversary event to Anchorage, Alaska? Is a helicopter tour one of your dream gifts to your partner? If so, then get ready for Alaska’s awe-inspiring glaciers, forests, volcanoes, wildlife, and mountain lakes.

This piece of work highlights some of the essential preparations that you should make for such tours and activities to expect on such expeditions.

How do you prepare for Alaskan helicopter tours?

What to Wear on Your Special Anniversary Event

The ice-filled Alaskan landscape is breathtaking but cold. When on a helicopter tour, the air may experience rapid changes in temperature. As such, you’ll need to wear several layers of warm clothing.

Long-sleeved shirts and pants are preferable, and you should also bring along some warm coat, a hat, gloves, and some eye-glasses. The eye-glasses and gloves may come in handy when playing in the ice because they’ll protect you from the cold and possible injuries to your eye.

Avoid light or bright-colored fabrics because the reflections and glare may diminish the quality of your pictures during photography. Tight-fitting clothes are preferable because they can’t be caught in the helicopter’s components.

What to Bring Along on Your Special Anniversary Event

Whether you like traveling light or not, your helicopter tour requires you to cut the weight of the cabin. Most Anchorage helicopter tour companies don’t permit the carrying of backpacks, purses, bags, and other personal items. But you’re allowed to carry a mobile phone and a camera to take photos and videos.

Preparing for Turbulence and Motion Sickness

The turbulence on helicopters is minimal, and you’re less likely to feel it. But you can take motion sickness pills for the tour or book your trip on less windy and sunny days. Some anti-anxiety medication and brief meditations before flights may also help in reducing any bad feeling, which you may experience while on your helicopter tour.

Things that You Can Do On Your Special Anniversary Event

Flight Seeing Anchorage A helicopter tour through Anchorage’s skies allows you to view the scenic landscape of Alaska, which is full of glaciers, lakes, forests, wildlife, and mountains. The sightseeing tour gives you magnificent aerial views of parks such as the Kenai Fjords National Park and hard-to-reach mountain peaks. You can head to the hills to watch the Flattop Mountains and the Chugach Mountains. These sites provide ideal hiking places in anchorage.

Glacier Landing

A landing on a glacier such as the amazing Yanert Glacier is quite a spectacle. You can walk on ice and take brief ground tours or even play on the ice. This time is also ideal for taking ground photos and videos that will capture the memories of your visit.

Dog Sledding Tours for Your Special Anniversary Event

Summers in Alaska are a bit warm, and you can make ground tours and race some sled dogs. The carts are pulled by dogs trained for such kinds of racing. You may even get a chance to race in Alaska’s biggest racing event known as the Iditarod dog sledding competition.

You may also get to see some wildlife and if possible, take some photos or videos. Common Alaskan wildlife species include the moose, bears, and Mountain goats. You can spot these animals in Katmai National Park, Brook Falls, Chinitna Bay, and around Lake Clark.

Riding on the Bore Tide

The Bore Tides on Alaskan shores can allow you to surf on your board or ride your Kayak through the high tide for an ultimate surfing experience. Watch the Aurora Borealis What can be more magnificent than then blue, pink, green, and yellow lights in the Northern skies of Anchorage? These lights that sway in the skies occur between September and April, and you can view them from Girdwood, Eklutna Tailrace, and Knik River.

Alaska received 1.93 million visitors during 2017. This number is 4% more than the number of visitors who toured the region in 2016. The state of Alaska has marvelous scenic views, wildlife, and many nature activities to engage in as a visitor. It’s a perfect setting for vacations, corporate team-building events, and even anniversaries. But to get the best, you’ve got to make early reservations.

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