Planning Your Hawaii Vacation

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The Hawaii vacation is one that should be on every America’s bucket list. In 2014 alone, 8.2 million people visited the islands of Hawaii, and between 2010 and 2015, the number of people hunting up beach resort rentals to go on a Hawaii visit increased by 4.3% every year. The islands of this state are a national treasure just waiting to be explored; and like any other real adventure, you need time to do it right. Hawaii long term rentals are a great way to make sure you’ve got the time to see everything you need, and Hawaii vacation rentals can give you a base for exploring all the islands at your leisure. If you are planning a holiday there, what should plan for your visit?

Consider Your Islands

There’s so much to do in Hawaii that you’ll want to make the most of it. Hawaii long term rentals should be based on how many days you can be there and how many islands you can reasonably visit. If you’ve only got a week, plan to stay on one island and maybe make a day trip to another. If you have two weeks, three islands is about all you’ll be able to realistically visit. But if you’re going all that way, you really should plan to stay a month. Lock in Hawaii long term rentals and make sure you have enough time to see all six islands. The average rate per night for something like beach vacation rentals is $170 per night, while a hotel will run you more like $244 (as of 2015).


There’s a few things you should absolutely make sure you get out of your big island vacation rentals and see. Oahu is a must, to see Waikiki Beach, Pearl Harbor, and the North Shore Beaches. You can’t miss the Big Island, Hawaii, if you want to see coffee farms or active volcanoes up close. Maui has some of the most amazing views of any island, and also serves as a popular base for snorkeling adventures, whale watching tours, and water sports. If you want a more intimate experience, try Molokai, and go horseback riding or sport fishing. If history is your thing, you might visit Old Koloa Town and Hanapepe in Kauai.


You don’t want to run out of money for the trip of a lifetime, so be sure you consider things like what type of accommodation you want (Hawaii long term vacation rents? Luxurious hotel? Waikoloa beach villas? Budget hotel?) and price them out. But don’t forget to figure your food costs (do you like to dine fancy, or do you prefer cheap eats with an occasional indulgence?) Also, what kind of an explorer are you? Do you want a guided tour, or do you prefer to blaze your own trail? And of course you’ll want to consider whether you want to splurge on any big ticket items, like a helicopter tour or deep sea sport fishing.

Hawaii is an amazing place and a visit you’ll never forget. Just make sure you budget, plan your trip around what you enjoy doing, and look into the right kind of accommodation to let you enjoy as much of this amazing place as possible.

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