Taking a Fine Vacation Up North in Alaska

Around 98% of American workers agree in surveys that taking vacations is important to them, since a vacation is a great time to relax and “get away from it all” while visiting exotic and fun new places. The domestic tourism industry in the United States is a robust one, and domestic tourists are going to historic towns, national parks, and sunny beaches for many of their vacations. Why not visit Florida’s or California’s sunny beaches? But there is another option that is often underestimated: Alaska. This massive, northern state is not a frozen wasteland, but rather, a paradise for outdoors lovers and a historic and exotic place. One of the last states to join the Union, Alaska boasts everything from ice fishing spots to dogsled tours to glacier flights and other helicopter tours. Helicopter tours in Anchorage or Juneau may prove a convenient and fun way to see this state’s wild panoramas by air, and a person can look up “helicopter tours in anchorage” to find some open slots.

Helicopter Tours in Anchorage and Beyond

A tourist who wants to find helicopter tours in Anchorage is advised to look them up ahead of time, several weeks or even a few months before their Alaska visit. This way, the tourist can find the websites of helicopter tour companies and review their options, then book a helicopter tour time slot that fits their vacation. Or, in some cases, the tourist might do this first, and then plan the rest of their vacation around the helicopter ride, if that proves more convenient. In some times of the year, there might be a lot of competition, so that is something to factor in as well.

Once a tour slot is booked and the tourist’s party is in Alaska, they can visit the heliport and meet the staff working there. Once the tourists choose a pilot and a helicopter to fly in, the party will climb on board and take off, flying along a pre-set route. Everyone will wear headsets so they can hear each other over the helicopter’s noise, and the tour guide will explain local natural features and history (and answer any questions the tourists will have). This provides a fantastic view of Alaska’s expansive terrain, and these helicopters will fly in all but the worst weather. Small propeller plane tours might also be available like this.

Other Tourist Activities in Alaska

Helicopter flights are an excellent way to explore this state’s wilderness, but there is also a lot to do down on the ground. Urban-minded guests might stick to the cities such as Anchorage and Juneau, where they can see historic buildings, museums, fine local restaurants, and more. And of course, Alaska has boundless options for outdoors lovers.

For example, fishers and big game hunters may visit Alaska during certain times of the year to go fishing or hunting (and follow all wildlife conservation rules). An ice fisher can find ice fishing shacks out on frozen lakes, and other anglers can visit running streams and creeks during fairer weather. Hunters can pursue game such as bear or moose or elk. Meanwhile, other wilderness explorers can hike along any number of paths and trails, and even photograph or sketch all the wildlife that they see. Alaska’s wild streams and rapids are a fine place to go kayaking, and many tourists in Alaska also go rock climbing or mountain climbing. Finally, don’t forget to take tours by dogsled along snowy ground, which is a time-honored way to get around.

As for lodgings, some tourists will stay in hotels at the cities, while outdoors lovers may choose to rent cabins out in the wilds. This is a more rustic way to visit Alaska, and those cabins are conveniently close to the wilds. And finally, if an outdoor wedding is being planned in Alaska, the wedding party can arrange to fly in all out-of-state guests, and book hotel rooms in bulk for them. Many hotels offer bulk discounts for such large parties. Local transportation can take guests to and from an outdoor wedding venue during Alaska’s mild spring and summer time, while a helicopter can take a tiny wedding party to a glacier’s top for a private glacier wedding ceremony. This is also a popular option.

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