There is a Desert in Europe!

Deserts are formidable places. The extreme heat and dry air make it hard to withstand. However, they can be as beautiful as they are rough. Waves of sand stand tall under the sun. The wind whistles in between dunes, blowing sand across of landscape.

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We often associate deserts with Africa or the Middle East. However, did you know that Europe has its own desert? In this video, you will learn about the Bledowska Desert. Crank up your air conditioning unit and enjoy!

Bledowska Desert is also known as the Polish Sahara. It is open to the public year round. It is easy to get to as it is only 45 kilometers northwest of the city of Krakow. You may be asking yourself how a desert could end up in Poland. It all started when a glacier deposited the sand thousands of years ago. Since then, deforestation and other human activities have caused the desert to grow to the size it is today. In fact, it is fairly sizeable at 12 square miles. Interestingly enough, both the Polish and United States militaries use the desert as a training area for their paratroopers. This is due to all the sand acting as a soft cushion for landings. There is also a lack of trees to get caught in.


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