Tips for Using an RV Stump Stations

As discussed in the video “Dump Station for RV – 5 RV Dumping Station Tips for Beginners”, RV stump stations allow you to temporarily park your RV in a location designated for such a purpose. You can find the areas at campgrounds or RV dump parks. Also, you can even get one of your own by placing the unit in an able RV dump facility.

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Several considerations will help get you started with using an RV stump station. Occasionally, it may be necessary to make modifications to correctly use your RV dump station. For instance, some stations may require an adapter to accommodate your electrical needs.

If you must make any modifications for your RV to fit into the RV dump, do so ahead of time. Depending on the changes you need to work on, it may be wise to wait until you arrive at your final destination. After using your RV stump station, it is a good idea to clean it thoroughly before leaving.

Cleaning the area ensures that it does not become a health hazard for future travelers who use the site. To ensure that you are using and cleaning the proper system, read the manufacturer’s information and guidelines for use. You can also contact your property manager to get advice on how to best clean your RV stump station after using it.


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