What Are the Hottest Places to Shop in London?

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London is one of the most popular cities in the world. Home to renowned museums, like the British Museum, world-class art galleries, like the Tate Modern, and many other cultural treasures, it’s no wonder London draws in an estimated 30 million tourists every year, according to statistics from the London Plan. What you might find surprising is that London is as well known for its shopping scene as it is any of its historical, cultural gems.

Consider, according to The Daily Mail, London is the sixth most expensive city in the world. That’s no real surprise when you consider the type of people the city is most famous for drawing in. Businessmen are as common a sight in the Big Smoke as any tourist, a fact which earned the city its nickname as the “Financial Centre of the World.” When these businessmen come to London, they stay at the best hotels and shop in the best stores to bring back amazing souvenirs for their loved ones.

Of course, you don’t have to be a high-flying tycoon to stay in London’s best hotels or shop at her best stores. At least for the latter, the only thing you need is to follow our list to the hottest shopping areas in London Town. You’ll have to take care of the hotel search for London’s top hotel rooms on your own.

Experience New Fashion in Old Fashioned Settings in Piccadilly Circus
London’s Piccadilly Circus is world famous, both for its shopping and the iconic pictures of the area, filled with tourists and those ubiquitous double-decker buses. Interestingly, as LondonTown.com points out, the area is equally popular for Britain’s royal family. Within Piccadilly Circus is one Fortnum and Mason. The building itself is over 300 years old, but the merchandise offered within is nothing if not modern and chic. It’s the store’s food court, however, that draws in queens and princes regularly, so if you want to catch a glimpse of your favorite monarchs, be sure to stop for a bite to eat once you’re done shopping.

Spend the Day Choosing from Over 300 Stores at Oxford Street
If you were to ask anyone where you should shop in London, chances are really good that they will tell you Oxford St. As VisitLondon.com writes, Oxford Street is home to more than 300 shops, including famous brands like Debenhams and Selfridges. As an added bonus, many of the best hotels in the city are located nearby.

Enjoy Style, Food, and Much More at Regent Street
Of all the shopping areas in London, Regent Street is doubtlessly the most inclusive. Not only do top-of-the-line brands like Burberry and Banana Republic keep shop on Regent Street, but restaurants and bars, like the Westbury, line the streets, giving all visitors an easy way to shop, dine, and drink. Plus, if you’ve exhausted yourself with too much shopping or too much to drink, the area is known for its stylish, if quite expensive, hotel reservations hot-spots.

Whether you’re on a business trip and need something for your family or you’re just a shopaholic, check out these amazing London locations. With amazing food, quality wares, and some of the best hotels in the city, you’ll find everything you need for a successful shopping trip in the Old World. Check out this site for more.

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