What To Do in Charleston

Charleston, SC is one of America’s premier tourist destinations. It has everything the holiday-maker might want, from amazing museums and art galleries to fine food, family activities, romantic horse drawn carriage rides, a private horse tour, and amazing beaches and weather: all in a city packed with historical significance.

What’s Special About Charleston?

It might be easier to talk about what’s not special. The city is home to the country’s oldest museum, founded in 1773, and that’s just one of the many fine museums and galleries that help to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors to the city every year. The city was founded in 1670, meaning that there’s more than 300 years of history and architecture just waiting for you to explore on foot or by horse carriage tours. The average daily temperature is just over 65 degrees, as well, meaning that a day in Charleston is almost always pleasant.

What’s The Best Way to See The City?

Without a doubt, buggy tours are one of the best ways to see the city. Whether you arrange a private horse tour or an evening carriage tour, these are a fun, fascinating way to see all that Charleston has to offer at just the right pace. After all, the city was designed in the horse and buggy age: the streets, shops, and even the flow of the city’s historical narrative are perfect for a private horse tour.

You can arrange a private horse tour or take classic carriage rides through the most historic areas of Charleston. Choose from tours of several historic districts, both residential and commercial, and choose an evening tour if you want to make it romantic. You can arrange for haunted house tours, special Christmas tours, and even tours that trace the history of Charleston journey from a center of American slave trading to a beacon of freedom. See important places from America’s Civil War or arrange a private horse tour that stops at the best restaurants in town.

What’s the Best Thing to Eat in Charleston?

Eating is so personal that it’s hard to make this decision for you. But the locals will tell you there are a few places and dishes that you definitely can’t miss.

  • Tuck in to Beaufort stew. No once can agree whether to call this frog more stew, beaufort stew, or low country boil, but you’ll love it. Sausage, corn, shrimp, and potatoes get cooked together and eaten with the hands.
  • Eat your tomatoes. Your green tomatoes, that is. Once you’ve had a real Charleston green tomato po boy, you’ll never look back. Fried and served with pimento cheese, it’s a classic.
  • Get a unique take on gumbo Creole gumbo is the province of Louisiana, but Charleston has it’s own unique style of okra stew that you’re sure to love.
  • Have the Country Captain at Hominy Grill. During Charleston’s early years, seamen stopped there on their way back from places like Arabia, the East Indies, China, and Venice. They brought a heady array of spices with them and made unique mixes not tasted anywhere else in the world. The old recipes are still served up at the Hominy Grill.

Charleston is a great place to visit, whether you’re bringing the family or just that special someone. You won’t regret arranging a private horse tour, being adventurous with the food, and exploring all that Charleston has to offer.

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