Why Your Trip to Oahu Should Include an Open-Door Helicopter Tour

If you’re looking into Oahu, Hawaii helicopter tours, you’ll be cheating yourself if you don’t consider going with a doors-off flight. An open helicopter flight is just what it sounds like–a flight over some of Oahu’s most spectacular sites with nearly 360 degrees of visibility. Going from ocean vistas to mountains and falls over the course of an hour makes an Oahu helicopter tour the thrill of a lifetime.

Even though the idea of an open-door helicopter flight may sound risky, you should be safe to fly as long as you’re wearing a lap belt and upper-body restraint. Additionally, you should always follow the pilot’s instructions before you enter and when you exit the aircraft. As a general rule, it’s also not recommended that you light a cigarette within 50 feet of the helicopter. Otherwise, you should always plan to defer to your pilot. The best helicopter tours in Oahu will prioritize safety.

With that said, your open door helicopter ride should be the adventure of a lifetime. When the doors come off, there will be nothing between you and some of Oahu’s most spectacular landmarks except the fragrant sea air. Helicopter rides in Oahu will cover the island’s most spectacular sights, such as Diamond Head, the Ko’olau Mountains, Mount Olomana, and the Makapu’u Lighthouse. You’ll have unobstructed views of the most beautiful sites on earth, taking your regular helicopter tour from exciting to literally breathtaking.

Off-door helicopter tours are best for photographers because you’ll have an unimpeded view of the landscape. Helicopter rides in Oahu are also great for Go-Pro enthusiasts, as you’ll be filming the same landscapes that are covered by CBS Magnum PI and Hawaii Five-O. You’ll have to check with the pilot to make sure your camera mount doesn’t cause an obstruction. Prepare to be the envy of all of your Instagram followers.

Ninety six of us agree that vacations are important, and over one third of Americans will take a vacation more than 50 miles from home. As you plan your vacation, why not take a step outside your comfort zone and try something daring? Life’s too short to do the ordinary.

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