Airport Shuttles Offer Many Conveniences to Out of Town Travelers

Last year’s trip taught you the advantages of using the airport shuttle in Philadelphia.

Your college daughter’s gymnastics team does not always travel to the same locations every year, but you were certainly excited when you realized that the team would be traveling back to the Philadelphia area this year. Unable to get into Constitution Hall last winter, you are going to be sure that does not happen again this year. In addition to doing a better job of scheduling ahead of time for some of the local sites, you are also going to make sure that you take advantage of the some of the big city transportation options. Namely the airport shuttle in Philadelphia.

Rarely one to say no, you agreed to travel from the team hotel to pick up one of the mom’s who was arriving a day later than the team. The traffic was terrible and the amount of time that you spent on the road was frustrating. When you had to go back to the airport the next day as well to pick up your husband and daughter who were able to arrive just in time for the meet, you realized that you would never again agree to being the shuttle driver.

Reliable Transportation Options in Big Cities Continues to Expand

Coming from a medium sized city in the midwest, you simply were not prepared for the traffic and the time that it takes to get someone from the airport. When you realized that there was a airport shuttle in Philadelphia, you knew that this would be the far better option if you ever returned to the City of Brotherly Love.

From Philadelphia to New York and many other places on the east coast, the transportation options that are available are a valuable resource. From charter bus rentals for large groups to day trips that include tickets to see some of the most popular historical sites, it is important to make sure that you do your research ahead of time before you invest in any amount of travel.

To get an idea of just how pervasive bus travel is, consider the following fact: the motorcoach industry accounts for 631,000,000 passenger trips every year in the U.S. and Canada. In addition to being more convenient, there are also many environmental factors that are significant. For instance, each full motorcoach has the potential of removing 55 automobiles from the highway. This creates less pollution and makes the freeways in the busiest of cities more easy to manage. Especially if you are just a midwestern mother on a trip to the big city of Philadelphia!

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