Chartering A Bus The Most Environmentally Safe Method Of Traveling The United States

47 passenger bus

How we travel says a lot about us. It reflects our busy lifestyles and just where the open road leads us on our way to living a fuller, happier life. Some choose to go by plane for business, while others regularly rely on intercity buses to get them where they need to go. For others charter buses are the way to go, a happy balance between environmentally friendly models and a reliable schedule. Do you need tips on chartering a bus? Below are the top five things you should know about charter bus amenities and the positive impact they have on not just your life, but the life of other travelers and the environment on the whole.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

Our carbon footprint is growing bigger and bigger by the day. How do we reduce it? One of the most notable tips on chartering a bus is taking a look at the effect other forms of transportation have on the environment. Motorcoaches have been found to be three times more efficient in reducing CO2 output compared to both commuter rail and intercity buses. Likewise, motorcoaches provide an average of 206 passenger miles per gallon compared to single-occupant automobiles’ 27. With your help the world can be cleaner than it ever has been before.

It Supports Local Businesses

Do you wonder how you can help out your economy? Perhaps you’re wondering how you can better give back to small and local businesses with your dollar. A chartered bus can help you achieve this and in fine fashion. Since many chartered buses come from local businesses, your support is an action that can be felt by many. Every dollar invested in a new motorcoach generates an additional dollar and a half of spending through multiple industries, from sightseeing to touring to airport shuttle. Overall, the United States sees $1 billion put into tourism and traveling every year.

It Provides You Time To Study

For those that are not sure if they want to continue using their car to drive from place to place, the next tips on chartering a bus may appeal to you. When you have a project to work on or calls to make, attempting to multitask while driving can prove hazardous. The ease of bus travel not only means you don’t have to focus overmuch on directions, you can also turn your attention on your work and study in peace.

You Have Many Options To Choose From

You’ll have no shortage of options when chartering a bus for educational, leisure or business-related purposes. The motorcoach industry is comprised of 3,400 businesses, most of them small, and their reach extends to multiple industries. American passenger bus travel has increased by nearly 8% between 2011 and 2012 alone, cementing it as the fastest growing form of clean travel thanks to studies provided by the American Bus Association.

The Impact Of Chartering A Bus

When you have a family reunion to attend to or want to study comfortably while you travel, the ease of bus travel has many benefits. Motorcoach companies provide an eco-friendly means of traveling throughout the country, reducing CO2 output on top of removing excess cars from highways. In fact, a full motorcoach can remove as many as 55 automobiles. It’s reliable and comfortable, allowing you to study or work while you travel, and supports local businesses everywhere you go. When you want tips on chartering a bus, look no further than where you want the road to take you.

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