Practice the Sweet Art of Idleness On Your Tuscan Honeymoon

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If you’ve been dreaming of a romantic honeymoon with gorgeous views, delicious food, and plenty of culture, you should check out one of the best honeymoon spots — Tuscany. From wedding villas to small luxury hotels to boutique or vineyard hotels, you’re sure to have the honeymoon of a lifetime when you travel to Tuscany. Why is Tuscany considered one of the best honeymoon spots out there? There are countless reasons from the old-world European charm, the delicious food, rich culture, to just the simple romance of Italy itself. If you’re a wine lover, Tuscany is certainly for you — in 2015, it produced almost three million hectoliters of wine (that’s about 400,000,000 bottles of wine!). Generally speaking, Italy produces the most wine in the world, with almost 18% of all wine coming out of Italy.

What’s the Draw of Tuscany?
If you’re looking for a unique honeymoon experience, avoid the large, noisy cities, like New York or London. Tuscany can offer the peace of the Italian countryside, its longstanding traditions, as well as modern comforts and conveniences. Since Tuscany is such a big wine producer, there are also plenty of private wine tours you can take part in. You may get the chance to visit small, family-owned vineyards for an unforgettable personal experience and sample local ham, cheese, olive oil, and bread.

As one of the best honeymoon spots, Tuscany offers a cultural, old-world experience with gorgeous landscapes that inspired countless Renaissance artists and countless romantic cities to wander, including Siena, San Gimignano, and Cortona. Antique shops, wineries, beautiful artwork and architecture, and galleries abound, no matter what city you visit.

Why You Should Really Get Away For Your Honeymoon
A honeymoon is basically a romantic vacation and vacations are proven to make people happy. Start your marriage off right by spending time away together and making incredible new memories. Signify your new start together by going to a place that you’ve never experienced before, without the demands of jobs or families for a week or two. There’s nothing like a time difference to let you relax!

Spending your money on an experience rather than material goods can sometimes be a great priority — and you’ll look fondly back on pictures, posts, and your memories later in life. And if you’re looking for romance, Italy is a country of romance. Many people associate Italy with leisure and pleasure as well — take advantage of that as newlyweds and bask in the Italian sun, while sipping organic Italian wine in your wedding villa.

What Should I Look For In Terms of Accommodations?

If you’re going to do the Tuscany experience, you want an authentic experience. Some resorts are “faux castles” with their interiors designed by foreign architects. The best honeymoon spots are going to have authentic Italian castles for rent and give you the true Italian experience.

You also want to make sure that the rental will take care of you as tourists and have some flexibility or understanding of your needs. If they’re distant from towns, cities, or other attractions, do they offer transportation to the nearest public transit stop or to the attractions themselves? How easy will it be for you to get around?

Some rentals will also offer a discount on booking if you do so at least a month in advance. As newlyweds, discounts are always a thing to keep an eye out for! Be sure to also check out reviews, testimonials, and ratings online — research your accommodations carefully before booking.

Enjoy the best of what Tuscany has to offer when booking honeymoon plans. Bask in a honeymoon full of relaxation, sunshine, wineries, and amazing cuisine and choose the best honeymoon spot for you!

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