Don’t Let the Wrong Hotel Spoil Your Vacation

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According to Forbes magazine, London is the second most-visited international city after Bangkok. It has been reported that approximately 15.3 million people visited London during 2011, and vacationers spend more money in London than any other city. In fact, international tourists spent more than $185 billion dollars in the U.K. during 2011.

When most people think about international vacations, they envision tropical climates, lazy days on the beach, and viewing stunning sunsets from the balconies of their luxury hotels. Of course, not every vacationer shares that vision, and would prefer to visit a city with a rich history that has been immortalized in the famous plays, poems, and novels by the most iconic names in Western literature.

For vacationers whose hearts race at the thought of retracing the footsteps of Shakespeare, Jane Austen, or Charles Dickens; or those who whip themselves into a frenzy imagining themselves looking beyond the gates that have guarded generations of royals, planning a London vacation is ideal.

Given London’s popularity among vacationers, the the city a wide array of travel accommodations from luxury suites to budget hotels. Of course, the best hotels for individual vacationers are those that offer excellent lodging, and are in convenient proximity to their main points of interest. Naturally, if Buckingham Palace is the main attraction of your visit, you aren’t going to waste your time conducting hotel searches for hotels near Kings Cross Station, because the cross city commute would be a waste of time.

Then again, there are people who probably will not care where they stay, because they plan on taking in as much of the city as possible. Obviously, there is a lot more to London that Buckingham Palace and Big Ben. For instance, London’s museums are among it most famous attractions, and there are several from which to choose. Some of the museums with the most-acclaimed collections are the British Museum, National History Museum, Tate Gallery, Natural History Museum, and many others.

If touring Westminster Abbey or riding the London Eye is your idea of the perfect vacation, it is best to start doing your London hotel search right now. Because booking the right hotel can help to cap off a vacation you will remember throughout your life.

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  1. I would die to go to London! My goodness! My focus in graduate school was Milton and I would give anything to walk where he walked and to visit the libraries where he studied and wrote.

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