Great Tips for Fun Family Camping Trips

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Your family is important, but finding a way to have good quality time with your loved ones can be difficult. Work, school, and daily chores often get in the way of family time, but there is an answer. Family camping trips offer the perfect opportunities to relax and bond with your family. In 2011 alone Americans spent roughly 534.9 days on family camping vacations and 13% of them said their reason was a desire to spend more time with their families. Whether you are an experienced pro or have never even seen a campground, these are a few tips to get the most out of your next camping adventure.

Don?t Forget The Kids

It can be tough to separate people from their electronics these days. It?s even more difficult when you?re dealing with a distracted child, but family camping trips are for the whole family. Taking your children camping early is vital to instilling a love of the great outdoors. 85% of avid campers took their first camping trip before the age of 15. After the age of 15, the chances of being introduced to outdoor activities went down sharply. So remember, they?re called family camping trips for a reason.

Be Organized

As with any family vacations, family camping trips can get complicated. The amount and type of gear you will need can vary greatly. No matter where you will be pitching your tent it is important to keep things organized. Have a storage system and keep track of where we everything goes. Knowing where to find your flashlight can be the difference between getting to the latrine in time and sleeping in a smelly sleeping bag.

Have a Plan

Whether you are spending a weekend by the lake or setting out on a week long excursion it is always smart to have a plan. In 2014 more than 38 million people went hiking and backpacking in the United States, but planning a route and packing appropriately are vital to getting home safe. Established tent camping spaces can seem like a safer option, roughly 70% of campers choose these tent sites for their family camping trips, but if you don’t bring the right gear it can still put a damper on what should otherwise be a relaxing camping trip.

Camp Resorts Make Things Easy

If the idea of venturing out into the wilderness on your own seems like a bit too much for you, then maybe a camping resort is more your speed. Camp resorts provide all the fun and relaxation, but will the hassle of finding a campsite, pitching a tent, or thinking of things to do. They provide fun family activities, comfortable accommodations, and some even include refreshing splash parks.

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