How to Plan the Perfect Winter Camping Trip

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Did summer fly by for you? Did you never get to plan or participate in the camping trip you had intended to? Although the temperatures have gotten a little colder, it is not too late to plan that camping trip. Camping in the winter months is very different from summer camping, but it still gives you many of the same, exciting features of camping that you enjoy so much.

You don?t have to worry about freezing
While it might be too cold to camp in a tent, you can still get a quality camping experience with cabin rentals. Many campgrounds have cabins and they provide you with electricity, running water, and most importantly, heat. You can still enjoy the adventures of camping but come back to your campground with heat. Another winter camping option is to rent an RV and visit an RV campground park.

In fact, more and more campers are choosing RVs. When asked what key reasons they had for using an RV more this season, respondents to a Campfire Canvass biannual survey concluded that 64% enjoy getting away more often, 47% like spending more quality time with family, 44% RV to escape stress, 42% enjoy traveling more inexpensively, and 38% enjoy getting away without advance planning. Whatever your reason for RV camping, it is a great winter camping choice.

Many fun and exciting winter activities
Of course you might not be able to go swimming during your winter camping trip, but there are many fun and exciting winter activities that you can participate in. Choose a campground with skiing, snowboarding, and go back to your childhood and build a snowman. Children often enjoy playing in the snow. Parents enjoy coming back to a warm and cozy home, sipping hot chocolate in front of the fireplace. Why not turn those enjoyments into a camping trip? You can still explore the local campground by hiking through the winter snow. The views are beautiful and it is often much quieter and calmer than the summer months.

Romantic getaway camping trip
Camping in the winter can also be very romantic. One of the most common romantic getaways includes log cabins in the woods or atop a mountain. The rooms are large, cozy, and warm. Many are set nearby ski resorts, so you can participate in outdoor skiing or you can stay locked up and warm in your room, all weekend long. Either way, camping during the winter is a great weekend trip to reconnect with your spouse or partner. In fact, the single biggest motivator for going camping is the joy of camping itself, according to 47% of adult campers.

Warm weather camping options during the winter
Because not every state in the United States experiences four seasons, you can still get warm weather camping during the winter months. You just have to drive a little further. Take an extended camping trip and head down south or to the western part of the country. There are many places to camp, all across the country. The further south that you head, the warmer that it will be. You might even get to camp on a beach and participate in the same activities that you would during the summer months, such as swimming, hiking, and beachcombing.

Camping is one of the most popular outdoor recreational activities in the United States, whether it is in a tent at a campground, an RV, or even just the backyard. In 2013, the revenue of campgrounds and RV parks was estimated at around five billion U.S. dollars. Camping numbers significantly decrease during the winter months, but this doesn?t mean that you have to skip out on winter camping. Winter camping can be romantic. It can also be a great family friendly activity that is both unique and exciting.

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