Giddy Up! Why Taking a Carriage Tour Is a Great Way to See a City

Carriage rides charleston

Vacation is the time to do the unexpected and treat yourself to a wonderful experience. If you’re in a historic area like Charleston, you may have the opportunity to partake in private carriage tours or horse carriage rides. It can be a great way to see the city, a unique way to take a tour, or simply an enchanting way to get from Point A to Point B. And kids are sure to love the experience — including hopefully getting to pet the horses. A carriage tour can also be the perfect photo opportunity to commemorate your trip. If you’re looking for the best carriage tours, there are usually plenty of tourism sites with helpful advice and suggestions available for you to do some research. After all, when on vacation, you want the best!

What Role Do the Best Carriage Tours Play?

Carriage tours can play an important role in the local area’s economy, especially if it’s based off tourism. Almost 3% of the United States’s gross domestic product comes from travel and tourism and one out of nine jobs in the United Sates depends on travel and tourism. Carriage tours can help give tourists a feel for the local flavor and history of the place, while providing a charming and old-fashioned service.

The best carriage tours aren’t simply a ride around the city or town, but ones that provide information about the city you’re exploring. If you have a great and knowledgeable tour guide, you’ll see the place you’re visiting from a whole different perspective. You’re not only helping a local business out by booking carriage tours, you’re treating yourself to a unique experience as well.

Why Should I Take a Horse Drawn Carriage Tour?

A horse drawn carriage tour can be romantic, no matter what time of the year. Over 40% of travelers say that they feel romantic when they’re on vacation and a beautiful ride in a carriage down a tree lined street or through an old, historic part of the city can only enhance that feeling. Plus, when’s the last time you could say you took a ride in a carriage? It’s an experience that’s not so common in our modern era and while our current modes of transportation are certainly faster and more convenient, there’s an old world charm to a horse-drawn carriage.

Your carriage tour guide will know the local routes around the town and hopefully be able to showcase some of the history and fun facts about the town as he or she goes. It’s a more personal experience than a big tour group — since only so many people can fit in a carriage — and can be good if you have older people or young children in your group who may get easily tuckered out during a walking tour. If it’s colder, there’s nothing quite as cozy as tucking up in a carriage under a heavy blanket and stopping for hot chocolate along the way!

Where Can I Book a Private Carriage Tour?

If the town or city you’re visiting offers carriage tours, they’re sure to be well advertised. You may see them “parked” along the street, looking for business, or see carriages rolling down the street, which makes them easy to inquire after. Stopping by the local Chamber of Commerce or Tourist Information booth can also be a good place to start, especially if there are different vendors offering the same thing. Locals might be able to point you towards the best carriage tours straight off the bat.

And checking online also never hurts — there are plenty of websites where tourists can leave comments and suggestions from their own trips, and you can do a little more in depth research on the carriage tours available before even getting there. If you know someone who has visited the location before, also try asking them for recommendations!

Enjoy a one of a kind view of the city you’re staying at with a horse drawn carriage ride. It’s sure to be a special experience, and one that’s both picturesque and informative.

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