Money Is The Biggest Barrier Toward Travel How Cheap International Flights Are Providing Options

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It’s hard to travel when you’re broke.

Budgeting is an issue that weighs heavily on the minds of many a Millennial, burdened under the load of a failing economy, changing societal expectations and not a lot of wiggle room when it comes to everyday expenses. Cheap international flights are a resource that blend a functional approach with something a little bit newer. Whether you want to go to another country to kick up your feet and relax or travel for school-related purposes, cheap international flights are going to become your new best friend in a sea of doubt.

Let’s go on a mini-journey and look at why people fly, what’s getting in the way of a smooth trip and what tools you can take advantage of when you’re bit by the travel bug.

Just because Millennials have difficulty traveling doesn’t mean they don’t want to. In fact, this generation just might have the most wanderlust of any that came before. A recent survey found over 50% of Millennials (as well as Gen Xers) saying cost is the biggest barrier to leisure travel. Compare this with industry figures deducing four out of every five domestic trips are for leisure purposes and you have a bigger picture of what people are looking for when booking cheap flights to Barcelona. Cheap international flights are only going to increase in demand from here.

More and more Millennials are embracing the journey rather than the destination. One study found nearly 80% of all respondents stating they would much rather spend their money on experiences than material things. Germany, in particular, has remained one of the most popular choices for new travelers and experienced globetrotters alike. Gamer fans and geeks have a lot to enjoy in Gamescom in Cologne, the largest gaming convention in the world with over 355,000 people visiting from over 100 countries. No matter your hobbies or interests, a few days or a week away will do you some good.

What’s in a vacation, anyway? Ask the nearest family looking for cheap flights to Frankfurt. Over 95% of American worker say vacation time is very important to them, with many planning their escape from the work week months in advance. Commercial airlines carried over three billion passengers back in 2016, generating a global revenue of $500 billion and still climbing. Studies have shown at least four out of every 10 travelers feeling much more romantic and relaxed while on vacation, perfect for couples who could use a retreat to bring that much-needed spark back.

Studies and surveys are conducted on a rolling basis to keep up with the shifting perception of travel in the United States. Forbes found the vast majority of Millennials at over 95% wanting to experience local cuisine while traveling, making food a huge dealbreaker when it comes time to book cheap flights to Hong Kong or cheap flights to Cebu. Even those traveling for work or school-related purposes want to make sure they can enjoy a good dining experience while they’re away from home!

Not only is finding a cheap flight high on the list, the unique specifications of each country can influence even a long-term decision. The majority of countries that offer visa-free or visa-upon-entry travel, for example, will grant a maximum stay of three months, which is a nice perk for those that may be away longer than they’d expected. All in all, now has never been a better time to book cheap international flights. You only have one life, so you might as well spend it doing things you’ll remember. Enjoy good food, see the sights and drop by some beautiful museums.

You may be low on cash, but the world is still your oyster.

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