Need an Extended Stay in New Jersey?

Corporate housing new jersey

Do you know what it means to relocate without really “moving,” in other words to go away for an extended stay? This is a common practice for people in the business world, but what sort of lodging is out there to accommodate them? For those headed to Mercer County, NJ, the answer is Mercer County corporate housing.

I’m talking about short term rentals in NJ, i.e. Nj furnished apartments that don’t have a lease but instead a minimum stay period (for example 30 days). These New Jersey furnished apartments for rent can be a great solution for someone who doesn’t want to move all their belongings to a new home, then just turn around and do it all again a month or two later.

Those on the lookout for Mercer County corporate housing will need to research their options regarding cleaning services and how often they’re available, plus whether or not they can have pets there. In corporate housing NJ these cleaning services and pet allowances (where available) will usually mean extra fees. But those expenses, and Mercer county corporate housing in general, could prove well worth your while. If you’re moving to Jersey for a month or more (but less than a year), take a look at listings for New Jersey short term rentals and furnished corporate housing today. Whether you’re traveling solo, or with your entire family in tow, this can be a great investment.

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