Lets Go Glamping

Villa with pool spain

Vacationing is more out of the box than even before. There are endless quirky places to stay all over the world. You can stay in a riad, a Moroccan house with interior courtyard. You can stay in a shepherds hut, holiday in a yurt, or even holiday in a tipi! Heck, glamping could also mean renting a villa in Spain. Ah, glamping. Glamping is a new age word meaning glamorous camping. Glamping is for people who like adventure but also do not like to be cold. Who like a good sleep. Glamping is yuppie camping, if you will.

Vacations to Disneyland are so last decade. Switch it up. Vacation rentals with character will be a good change of pace. Think outside the box, and maybe even outside the country, for a new holiday experience. Mongolia has just about the lowest population density on the globe, averaging about one person per every kilometer. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle, Mongolia might be a good option. You could rent a cottage is Scotland, a small cozy little place outside of town. That could be romantic and fabulous.

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