Vacation Cabin Destinations Are Available in All 50 States

Cabin camping in illinois

You walk outside and find yourself 20 steps from the beach. At the right time in the morning you can see dolphins playing along the early morning surf. At the right time in the evening, you can see sunsets that will rival any set of colors you will see anywhere else in nature.
Vacation cabins are the perfect get away for groups of family members and friends. Whether you are looking for cabin camping in Texas while you spend a weekend pretending to be a ranch hand or you are searching for cabin camping in South Dakota while you visit Mount Rushmore, this housing option is very versatile.
Equipped with everything from air conditioning and hot tubs, luxurious cabins can be even better than home. Rustic cabins, on the other hand, allow visitors to stay in touch with nature while still having a roof over their head.
Vacation cabins are a great alternative to hotels and tents. Making the decision to rent vacation cabins can give your family a different kind of travel experience. Nestled in one of the many public camping grounds across the nation, some vacation cabins are located next to mountain trials that lead hikers to peaks of the Rocky Mountains. In other parts of the country, vacation cabins are tucked alongside a stream known for salmon or trout fishing. Whatever your family wants to do during their time away from home, there are likely campgrounds with cabins near by.
Family Camping Vacations Allow Families to Unplug
Today’s world is connected to technology 24/7. A camping vacation, however, can allow for families to disconnect from the world of work, social media, and constant news updates and, instead, connect with each other. For instance, many cabins come are located on lakes where family members can walk through nature or fish for the lunch you will have later in the day. Selecting a cabin without television, for example, allows families to focus on the sounds and beauty of nature instead of the constant sound of television and other media. Would your family be willing to take a break from their technology for a weekend, or maybe a week?
Cabin camping in Oklahoma rewards the unplugged families with beautiful vistas and long night around the campfire. Family cabin camping parks facilitate families getting to know their neighbors around community fire pits.
Camping Continues to Grow in Popularity
An American Camper Report from 2014 indicates that 40.1 million Americans, or 14% of the US population over age six, camped in the previous year of 2013. Were you one of them? Additionally, consider some other statistics about Americas greatest outdoor past time:

  • 99% of campers indicated in the 2014 American Camping Report that they were ?likely? or ?very likely? to camp next year.
  • 87% of campers say that they participate in a variety of outdoor activities.
  • 10% of the campers between the ages of 18 and 34 indicate that they enjoy cabin camping.
  • 186.7 miles is the average distance camping families travel from home.
  • 82% of cabin campers say that they usually spend one to two nights outside on the their camping trips.
  • More than 50% of campers say that they are planning nearly 5 camping trips int he upcoming year.
  • 66% of campers say that they are planning three or more camping trips in the upcoming year.

Is Your Family Ready for a Unique Vacation Adventure?
Making the decision to take your family camping on vacation is the decision to let them experience something unique. Instead of staying in the same chain of hotel rooms, a cabin camping experience can let you experience a change of scenery. Scenery that can be as varied as the the landscapes and locations of this country. Instead of vacationing at crowded shopping malls buying more of what you already have, camping allows you to experience a natural setting that is unlike any of your days at home.
Children especially love the opportunity to be outdoors and explore their surroundings. Teaching the youngest children the beauty of nature while camping virtually guarantees that these beautiful locations will still be around for the next generation. When you think of a vacation together with your family, maybe it is time you started thinking about the great outdoor destinations America has to offer.

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